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Draft Central | 2022

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Final 7-Round Mock Draft For All 9 Cowboys Picks


Perhaps more than any other year in recent history, this NFL Draft seems to be widely speculated. The Mock Drafts are all over the map with some player projected to go anywhere from the Top 10 to possibly the second round.

Our guess is as good as anyone else's so we figured we would keep up with tradition and let our staff writers take a stab at the picks – all nine picks in all seven rounds for the Cowboys.

There are many different names on these lists but one thing seems consistent of the four writers – they all went with an offensive lineman in the first round. From there, it's all over the board.

Here's what our guys picked:

Rob Phillips:

  • 1(24): Kenyon Green, G, Texas A&M
  • 2(56): Drake Jackson, DE, USC
  • 3(88): David Bell, WR, Purdue
  • 4(129): Daniel Bellinger, TE, San Diego St.
  • 5(155): Terrel Bernard, LB, Baylor
  • 5(167): Eyioma Uwazurike, DT, Iowa St.
  • 5(176): Jaylen Watson, CB, Washington State
  • 5(178): Tyrion Davis-Price, RB, LSU
  • 6(193): Gabe Brkic, K, Oklahoma

Analysis: We can debate the Cowboys' top three needs, but to me, it's offensive line, wide receiver and edge rusher (mainly because you can never find enough players who can pressure the quarterback). I'm sticking with Kenyon Green at No. 24. He projects as an interior lineman, but he played everywhere but center at A&M, and position flex is always a plus. I addressed other clear depth needs with the next four or five picks. David Bell was a steady, reliable player at Purdue and has upside for the next level, just like Michael Gallup did as a third-round pick four years ago. Same with Bellinger in the fourth round, where the Cowboys found Dalton Schultz. Not sure if the Cowboys would be willing to spend a draft pick on a kicker, but Brkic was very productive at OU.

Kyle Youmans

  • 1(24): Zion Johnson, IOL, Boston College
  • 2(56): Jalen Tolbert, WR, South Alabama
  • 3(88): Sam Williams, Edge, Ole Miss
  • 4(129): Cade Otton, TE, Washington
  • 5(155): Spencer Burford, OL, UTSA
  • 5(167): Esezi Otomewo, Edge, Minnesota
  • 5(176): Tyquan Thornton, WR, Baylor
  • 5(178): Dane Belton, DS, Missouri
  • 6(193): Logan Bruss, IOL, Wisconsin

Analysis: It's been a debate since the final whistle on Wild Card Weekend... Zion Johnson or Kenyon Green? Either way, it was obvious then that a heavy need entering the NFL Draft process was on the offensive line. Both prospects were reported names on the 30 visit list and both have the ability to start as a rookie in the NFL. However, recent news surrounding a potential knee injury with Green makes Johnson the new favorite for Dallas' first-round selection. Additionally, that shifts the need for wide receiver and edge rusher into the later rounds where both Jalen Tolbert and Sam Williams fit the value on Day Two and had plenty of conversations with the Cowboys over the last few months. Then into Day Three, depth becomes the name of the game. Meaning anything is in play, including double-dipping at multiple positions. Dallas has an opportunity to move around with nine picks to their arsenal entering the weekend. But if they were to stay put and make the picks they've been handed, it would probably look something like this.

David Helman

  • 1(24): Kenyon Green, G, Texas A&M
  • 2(56): Drake Jackson, DE, USC
  • 3(88): Channing Tindall, LB, Georgia
  • 4(129): Khalil Shakir, WR, Boise State
  • 5(155): Jake Ferguson, TE, Wisconsin
  • 5(167): Rachaad White, RB ASU
  • 5(176): Cade York, K, LSU
  • 5(178): Velus Jones Jr., WR, Tennessee
  • 6(193): Daron Bland, CB, Fresno State

Analysis: Come hell or high water, I think the Cowboys are going to try to fix their offensive line on Thursday night. Maybe they even try to get aggressive with a trade. But I think that's priority No. 1, and Green seems like as good a bet as any with the 24th pick. To be honest, I'm nervous that the receiver depth won't work in their favor on Day 2, but Dan Quinn won't complain. Drake Jackson has the athleticism to grow into a starting edge rusher, and Channing Tindall would do wonders for the linebacker corps – not just as insurance for Leighton Vander Esch, but as a guy who could free Micah Parsons up to rush the passer. I don't feel great about waiting until Day 3 to address receiver, but Shakir and Jones would be a fun duo that can improve the depth and contribute on special teams. The fifth round would be great value for a well-rounded tight end like Ferguson, who can develop behind Dalton Schultz, and I'm going to keep mocking Rachaad White because he's been a pet cat of mine since January. I don't know if they'll draft a kicker, but they should – and I'm biased, but Cade York is as good or better than anyone in this class. Wrapping things up with a long corner would give Dan Quinn another traits guy to work with, as well as some depth at a position that might need it.

Nick Eatman

  • 1(24): Tyler Smith, G/T, Tulsa
  • 2(56): Jahan Dotson, WR, Penn State
  • 3(88): Jeremy Ruckert, TE, Ohio State
  • 4(129): Alex Wright, DE, Ala-Birmingham
  • 5(155): Danny Gray, WR, SMU
  • 5(167): Rachaad White, RB Arizona State
  • 5(176): Spencer Burford, OT, UT-San Antonio
  • 5(178): Percy Butler, S, Louisiana
  • 6(193): Devin Harper, OLB, Oklahoma State

Analysis: I hear a lot of talk about trading up in this draft, but I don't think the Cowboys should do that. They need their picks, especially the ones in the first three rounds. If anything, I could see them trading down, especially if teams are trying to get in the 20s to take a QB. I think the other writers might be right with Kenyon Green, but I went with Smith, who could be there in a trade-back scenario. He's played tackle but has the size to play guard now and eventually slide outside down the road. This is a pick for the short-term at guard and hopefully the long-term at tackle. Dotson would have to fall to them at 56 but I'm banking on maybe a first-round trade that allows them to pick sooner. Ruckert is a big body they need at tight end and Danny Gray gives them the top-end speed I've been waiting for. Six of my nine picks are offensive and I know they still need a kicker but I'm not betting they do that unless they maybe trade into the seventh round and get one.

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