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Jerry Jones has preferred int'l destination for Cowboys


LAS COLINAS, Texas — The NFL owners met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Colinas on Wednesday as part of their league meetings, as Dallas Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones met with the media to discuss some of the league ongoings as it pertains to the team.

One of those topics included the league approving a regular season game in 2024 in Sao Paulo, Brazil – the league's first ever game in South America. In regards to the Cowboys, Jones said that the Cowboys are not taking a look at heading south next season since it would require the team to relinquish a home game.

"I'm very reluctant to move a home game from here to there," Jones said about playing internationally. "We have a lot of fans. It fits for a lot of clubs, it doesn't fit for the Cowboys as much. We got the highest attendance in the NFL, of course. When we don't have a game here, it makes a big difference."

However, one location that does drive interest within Jones is Mexico where the Cowboys' organization has a large amount of fans that drive revenue both abroad and back in Texas.

"When we aren't playing here, I want to be in Mexico City," he said. "Period. Mexico City is good and close. If I'm going international, I want to play in Mexico City. Mainly because of our fans and our following and the affinity that we get here back home in the United States."

"When we go there on any basis, we increase the affinity for the Cowboys with our hispanic fan base in the United States. That's where we want to be."

Jones also left the door open to being a visiting team for an international game, but the league has not scheduled the Cowboys abroad since their lone game overseas in London back in November 2014 when Jacksonville was the home team.

"We don't want to give a home game up to go play a game someplace else," he said. "We can make it work under certain circumstances when we're the visiting team. We can make that work. If we do give up anything, I want it to be Mexico."

Another interesting topic that was touched on included Dallas missing out on the 2027 Super Bowl to SoFi Stadium in Los Angeles, a process that Jones said AT&T Stadium was in the mix for. Although at one time earning a Super Bowl bid required the participating club to play overseas at some point, Jones doesn't see that getting in the way of having the big game return for the first time since 2010.

"At one time, it was kind of there," he said. "Official or not. That hasn't come up with us at this time."

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