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McCarthy gives outlook on possible Cowboys trade


FRISCO, TX — The NFL trade deadline is less than 24 hours away, and the Dallas Cowboys don't appear to have anything big on the stove. Shortly after dismantling the Los Angeles Rams in all three phases of the game en route to a 43-20 victory to extend their win streak at home to 11 games and their 2023 record to 5-2, it's clear they're not desperate for help.

This is particularly when considering their point differential in victories this season.

As has been proven through the first six games, the depth at key positions has all but saved the day time and again for the Cowboys, and there are still players worthy of snaps who are fighting tooth-and-nail to get them.

To that point, head coach Mike McCarthy isn't pressed to make a trade happen.

"We have a personnel meeting today," he said on Monday. "But I'm the wrong person to ask that. I'm about the development of the men in the building. I just strongly believe in that. I'm not sitting here with my fingers crossed hoping that we trade for somebody.

"That's my personal feeling. I believe in the men we have."

Last week, owner and general manager Jerry Jones made it clear he was comfortable in not being an aggressor during this trade season, one year after striking a deal with the Las Vegas Raiders to acquire defensive lineman Johnathan Hankins.

After seeing the horror movie on Sunday that was perpetrated by his team, his stance hasn't changed.

"I think it's fair, accurate to say that it doesn't look like we'll be doing anything," said Jones.

He did, however, qualify the statement by essentially stating anything is possible.

"But we've done it on a shorter notice than what we're dealing with here," he added, before circling back to his original point. "Bottom line is it doesn't look like we'll be doing anything."

Of course, time will ultimately tell, but that's running out in the event the Cowboys have anything hiding up their sleeve, though it feels as if there are no tricks this season — only treats as they take their two-game win streak into Philadelphia this week.

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