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Offseason | 2021

NFL Reveals Offseason Plan; How it Effects Cowboys

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Usually this is the time when teams and of course the fans, are waiting to see the NFL's regular season schedule.

While that still hasn't been released, the league finally outlined its rules for the offseason programs, which can start Monday, April 19.

The three-phase plan was sent to all NFL teams on Wednesday to outline the rules and regulations for workouts, both voluntary and on-field training.

For the Cowboys specifically, the team has several high-profile players, including Dak Prescott, DeMarcus Lawrence and Amari Cooper who can earn as much as $500,000 for showing up to the majority of the team's conditioning program. Those stipulations were written into the contracts for nearly 20 players this season.

That obviously could play a big part in the players' decision to participate, as there have already been a few teams around the NFL to announce they will not show up for the early phase of the program.

According to various reports, the NFL's memo to the teams detailed the three phases:

  • Phase 1 begins April 19 through May 14. All meetings will be virtual and no on-field work will be permitted. During that team, teams will also be educating players and staff on the importance of the vaccine, making it available to the players, along with their families.
  • Phase 2 is a one-week period from May 17 through May 21. Although it remains voluntary with virtual meetings, on-field drills will be permitted, along with the usual rookie minicamps that will occur on the field.
  • Phase 3 runs from May 24 through June 18, including 10 days of voluntary OTA practice as well as the mandatory minicamps. Meetings during this phase will be allowed to be conducted virtually or in-person.

As it stands current, the NFL and NFLPA have not finalized its rules regarding the vaccine and COVID-19 restrictions when players and coaches are allowed in the building.

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