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Parsons: Bullies "Taking Lunch Money" Has To End


FRISCO, Texas – Based of what we've seen in his first two years, which includes two double-digit sacks seasons, a Rookie of the Year award, a Pro Bowl spot and first-team All-Pro selection, it's safe to assume Micah Parsons hasn't been picked on too much throughout his life.

Yet, when asked about the Cowboys' leaky run defense this year, Parsons compared it to a kid being bullied at school. And even though the Cowboys weren't exposed last week against the Vikings, Parsons knows the team will continue to be tested.

"I'm staying mad. Once the disrespect is out there, people are going to still try you," Parsons said on Tuesday. "It's almost like the bully trying to take your lunch money every day until you say 'no, that's enough.' They're going to keep taking your lunch money. I'm at that point, that's enough, you're not going to keep taking my lunch money."

The reporters were quick to ask: Has anyone taken your lunch money before?

"No, aint' nobody gonna take my lunch money. I was going to eat somehow," Parsons quipped.

But that was really about the playful tone Parsons had during his interview. Even though the Cowboys are coming off a 40-3 whipping of the Vikings, Parsons isn't looking for praise for his team, and definitely not for himself.

"I don't want you to tell me I'm great. I want you to tell me I suck," Parsons said. "I'm going to stay out of the neutral zone, either I suck or I'm Ok. You don't want people around you to pat you on the shoulder and tell it's Ok to be average. If you're Ok with average, you'll never reach the level of greatness that you want to reach. I don't want to be around average people."

When it comes to stopping the run, the Cowboys haven't even been average, ranking 26th in the NFL.

It's those kind of stats that lets Parsons know the bullies will still be lurking through the "cafeteria" come Thursday.

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