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2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Defensive Tackles

2024 Dallas Cowboys Draft Guide | Defensive Tackles

OL: Graham Barton | Duke

Offensive Line
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 315
  • School: Duke
  • Class: Senior
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Powerful off the line of scrimmage. Finds a way to out-leverage his opponents with core strength and heavy hands. Tremendous body control and drive. Will finish blocks in the run game and stay firmly anchored in his pass sets. Played tackle for most of his college career, but with shorter arms he’ll most likely fit in at center or guard. Meaning limited experience at the position. Overextends with his hands at times, which leads to a “grabby” look. Could mean penalties in the pros.

OVERVIEW: A lot of times, teams want to keep it simple when scouting offensive linemen. If they're quick, strong and tough, that usually can bode well as long as the football IQ and traits aren't far behind. Barton has a significant amount of it all. He played tackle with the Blue Devils, but will make the move inside, most likely center, based on what team selects him. He finished his blocks with power and stayed fundamental on film. Duke took a huge step forward as a program in 2023, and Barton was a large piece of it. NFL teams will look for the same.