Terence Steele Has "Full Circle" Return To SoFi


Two years ago, Terence Steele put on the Cowboys uniform for the very first time, stepped out onto the SoFi Stadium field and played against the Rams in front of a national TV audience.

The result was a hot-and-cold performance from the undrafted rookie from Texas Tech, who was thrown into the fire in a sink-or-swim moment in a 20-17 loss.

A year later, Steele found himself inserted into the starting lineup at SoFi Stadium against the Chargers, having to face All-Pro rusher Joey Bosa.

The result there was definitely more favorable as Steele not only kept Bosa in check, but the Cowboys came out with a 20-17 win.

Here we again for Steele at SoFi, but this time around, there are no surprises. He's the starting right tackle, but still has the chip on his shoulder that helped him reach this point.

"It's 100 percent a full-circle moment," Steele said of Sunday's game against the Rams. "I started my first game out there in LA against the Rams and now I get to face them again two years ago. It'll definitely be emotional for me. I'll be on one for sure."

The venue will be the same, but undoubtedly different. That 2020 season opener for Steele, who had never played in a professional game since the preseason was canceled due to COVID-19, was played without a single fan in the audience.

It was the "home" opener for the Rams, who needed some big defensive plays late in the game to hold off the Cowboys. Steele played admirably, but did give up a key sack on the Cowboys' final drive.

"We were watching clips from that game in 2020 just the other day," All-Pro guard Zack Martin recalled. "Terence had been here like three weeks before that game. I've said it before, it's incredible to see what he did. To look at his growth and to be a guy we can count on and lean on in the offensive line room, it's pretty cool."

Steele said he "did some good, did some bad" in that first game and called it a learning experience.

But after starting 15 total games in 2020, he was much more prepared for this 2021 starting debut. The Cowboys learned starting right tackle La'el Collins was suspended headed into a Week 2 game at the Chargers. Steele stepped in and played one of his best games of his career.

"That was another good game," Steele recalled. "Another game where I walked out there - every time I step on the field I have complete confidence. I think it showed in that game. Something about that stadium, I like playing there."

While it might be a "comfort zone" of sorts for Steele, he knows there is nothing comfortable about facing a D-line that features Aaron Donald, a three-time NFL Defensive Player of the Year winner.

"The bullseye is 100 percent on Aaron. Our main game plan is on him," Steele said. "Of course, they have other great players. You can't deny that. We just need all five to do their job and we should be good."

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