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Three things Jerry Jones said at NFL League Meetings


LAS COLINAS, Texas — The 32 NFL team owners met at the Four Seasons Hotel in Las Colinas on Wednesday afternoon as many topics including the hip-drop tackle, the "Tush Push" and approving SoFi Stadium for the 2027 Super Bowl were all discussed.

In addition, the NFL confirmed that it will play its first-ever game in South America next season in Sao Paulo, Brazil. While Cowboys owner and general manager Jerry Jones wasn't leaning towards being one of the two participating teams in the event, he did give a preferred international destination if the Cowboys were to give up a home game.

Here are three more things Jerry Jones said on Wednesday following the meetings.

1. Jones says Super Bowl "hasn't fit us" for AT&T Stadium

The owners approved the 2027 Super Bowl for the Los Angeles Rams and SoFi Stadium as the Cowboys will go at least 17 years in between hosting Super Bowls after hosting the 2010 edition between the Packers and Steelers.
While Jones did say that AT&T Stadium was in the mix, he also stated that the requirements to host were not fit at this time for the organization.

"We want to fit it in when it works for us," Jones said. "Sometimes the criteria that go along with it are just more than what we want to do. There was a time when you had to play some home games in some other countries to get a Super Bowl. We just decided to sit out that year. I'm using that more as an example but it just doesn't fit for us right now."
Even though AT&T Stadium wasn't seriously considered for the 2027 big game, Jones did say that they were involved in the process.

"The Rams deserved it," he said. "It's a fantastic entertainment capital for the world. From that standpoint, the bar is so high to get one that you got to go. You can have conflicts. You can have aspirations for a little thing called soccer, things like that. I'm totally satisfied with it and not a bit disappointed."
Speculation has generated about if the problems that Dallas had the last time AT&T Stadium hosted a Super Bowl – a generational ice storm the week of and a mishap in the upper concourse that didn't allow fans in a specific section – are preventing the area from hosting another.

"It is not at all," Jones said. "The issues that were involved because of the weather won't be involved again. Television would tell you that it was one of the finest presenting Super Bowls they've ever had. I know that at the time, it was certainly the best economic Super Bowl the league ever had."

2. Jerry Jones not worried about an increasing price tag for Dak Prescott.

Despite an MVP-caliber run for Dak Prescott in 2023, Jones is not worried about the price going up for his franchise quarterback with contract extension talks presumably looming in the offseason.
"I don't," Jones said about an increasing price tag. "That function has a lot of things to think about, but that's not one to think about. Just like I didn't spend any time thinking about what his price tag would be if he didn't play well."
Even though it might affect the team's cap hit down the line, Jones is just as excited about Dak Prescott as the rest of Cowboys fans.

"I just want him to be a part of having the team to be a Super Bowl quarterback," he said.
"The idea of him not being our quarterback hasn't crossed my mind. I'm here like everybody else wanting him to be the Most Valuable Player in the NFL. We're trying to win the Super Bowl and we have a better chance at winning it with him at quarterback playing at that level."

In addition to Prescott, Jones and the Cowboys will have a busy offseason with looming extension talks with CeeDee Lamb, Micah Parsons and more.

"There are seven guys out there who should be the highest-paid at their position," he said. "We have to fit a square peg in a round hole when the time comes."

3. There's nothing to prove in Buffalo. Just win.

Bringing it back to the 2023 season, Jones addressed the looming road challenge this Sunday afternoon against the Buffalo Bills.

When asked if there was anything he'd like to see the team go out and prove, his message was simple: just win.

"We need to get out of Buffalo anyway we can with a win," Jones said. "We have nothing to prove other than going and winning that ball game. They are really a good team. We got a break, we're not gonna be in a blizzard. That quarterback is very good and they've got a good team. I've got a lot of respect for what we're up against. It's right there with the challenge we had last week."

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