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Time For Dak To Use His Legs A Bit More?


FRISCO, Texas – Call it a topic that's getting a lot of run this week, if you will.

As the conversation continues on what the issue might be with the Cowboys' offense over the last month, there's been plenty of focus on Dak Prescott's ability as a runner – or lack thereof.

Awful puns aside, it's fair to point out that Prescott isn't quite as mobile as he once was. While Prescott has never been a consistent threat to pile up tons of rushing yardage, it's still an aspect of his game that has lessened in 2021.

To this point in the season Prescott has 30 total carries, which would put him well below his usual tally for a full season. And when you consider that nine of those 30 carries came in once game against Philadelphia, the difference stands out more.

Asked Thursday if he has seen any opportunities to run the ball when he's looked back at his tape, Prescott acknowledged that there are multiple ways to help kick the offense into gear.

"I mean yeah, anytime there's an incompletion or a non-successful play and I go back and look at it on film I'm weighing all options," he said. "Yeah, sure, there's a few times that that's an option but in the same sense I go off my preparation and everything that I practiced and everything that I put into throughout the week."

The obvious caveat is that Prescott has talked repeatedly about weighing the risk against the reward of running. He suffered his season-ending ankle injury during a quarterback run last season, so it'd make sense if he wants to mitigate that risk. That said, he has shown his willingness to call his own number in plenty of meaningful situations, including a goal line touchdown scramble against Atlanta.

As he has said many times over the past year, it comes down to choosing your spots. But as the Cowboys prepare to play four division games in five weeks, with playoff berths and postseason seeding on the line, maybe that spot is arriving.

"I'm not going to regret not doing it but as I said I think there's a time where you see it more," he said. "Whether it's division football, playoff football, whatever it is, yeah that will be a weapon."

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