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UDFA Profile: Mitchell Adds Length, Range to WR Group


Over the next two weeks, dives deeper into the talented group of undrafted rookies that are expected to battle for a roster spot this offseason. Today, we profile one of the four receivers added after the draft.

  • Name: Osirus Mitchell
  • Position: Wide Receiver
  • Height: 6-5
  • Weight: 206
  • School: Mississippi State (SEC)

The Good: The Florida native is tall and long for the receiver position. Two things that don't always mean immediate success but are his calling card because of how well he's filled out. Mitchell looks natural with his frame and has admirable ball skills and hands to go along with it. There's really no suddenness to his game, but the straight-line speed is decent when he has an opportunity to get rolling. Has a ceiling high enough to take over a game against the right opponent, much like he did in the first game of 2020 with 183 yards and two touchdowns against LSU.

The Project: It's tough to go 0-to-100 with a long, lanky frame like Mitchell's. While it's a strength of his game at times, he is not as nimble as some of the other bigger receivers in the draft class. He struggles to separate off the line of scrimmage which leads to more contested catch opportunities. Down the field, he labors with his routes and struggles to find space after the catch. Most times, a big-framed receiver means a deep threat. However, with Mitchell, most of his production came over the middle or within 10 yards of the line of scrimmage.

The Summary: Mitchell first burst onto the scene as a senior in high school when he led Booker in receiving yards (900) and a whopping 17 touchdowns. He held five scholarship offers but due to his grades, only had real interest from Mississippi State and Minnesota. After redshirting in 2016 and seeing little playing time in 2017, Mitchell led the Bulldogs in receiving back-to-back seasons and had a career-best year in 2020 with 47 receptions, 505 yards and four touchdowns. His frame makes his game intriguing, but his lack of separation will be troubling at the next level.

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