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Training Camp | 2022

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What Players/Positions Have Impressed Jerry So Far


OXNARD, Calif. – Cowboys owner Jerry Jones always has some interesting things to say, even if the pads haven't come on just yet here in training camp.

It's still enough time to get his thoughts on a few topics. Here are some highlights from his impromptu interview Saturday with the media.

  • For the first time this offseason, Jones talked specifically about Kelvin Joseph, who was linked to the March 18 shooting murder of a 20-year-old in Dallas. Jones said the team had several discussions about which direction to take with Joseph, who isn't expected to be charged by the Dallas police. But as for changing the narrative about himself, Jones said Joseph needs to take advantage of the opportunity here in Oxnard. "We obviously don't need our players to be involved in situations that make this come up about your character," Jones said. "He needs to be a good player on and off the field and we're going to give him a chance to do that. (Our message to him is) Now get in here and be a good player, be a guy everybody depends on , and make your name in a positive way and clean it up." Jones then added that on the field, Joseph is "having a real good camp."
  • There might be some questions around the wide receiver position, particularly the depth but Jones doesn't sound concerned. Not only is he excited about CeeDee Lamb, but the guys practicing behind him. "I feel good about our receivers. I haven't been asked that question, but I feel personally, very good about our receivers," Jones said. "I like Tolbert a lot. I like (James Washington) a lot ... a lot. And I like these young ones. Knowing where else we can go with the ball, I like our receivers. "
  • Clearly, the Cowboys have some big plans for newly-signed receiver/returner Kavontae Turpin. Jones was actually asked about the plans for Tony Pollard, and he couldn't help but compare him to Turpin. "I'd like to see him do anything that we're going to do with (Turpin)," Jones said of Pollard. "Or see (Turpin) do what we'd like to do with Pollard. We just need to see him in creative situations. Get the ball, get the touches and be a variety of ways. (Pollard is) not only a returner, but has a chance to do some unique things on offense."
  • Names that have caught Jerry's eyes so far in camp include Jabril Cox, who is returning from an ACL injury last season. "He's going to be here a lot quicker than anyone thinks he is. He's going to be ready to play ... pronto! We've got a good plan for him." Jones also said rookie cornerback DaRon Bland is fitting in well among a lot of cornerbacks.

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