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Videos - January 2019

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2019-01-01 Quick Snap: The Momentum Man 
2019-01-01 Cowboys This Morning 1/1/19
2019-01-01 Tyrone Crawford: Thankful To Be Back
2019-01-02 Cowboys This Morning 01/02/19
2019-01-02 Sounds From The Sideline: Week 17 at NYG
2019-01-02 Talkin' Cowboys: Two Different Teams
2019-01-02 Cowboys Hour: Joe Looney & Xavier Su'a-Filo
2019-01-02 Cowboys Break: What's The Rush?
2019-01-02 Hangin' with the 'Boys: Up To The Task?
2019-01-02 Rod Marinelli: Focus On The Details
2019-01-02 Dak Prescott: ‘It’s About Right Now’
2019-01-02 Cover 4: Legacies Defined On Saturday?
2019-01-02 Jaylon Smith: ‘Electrifying’ Playoff Atmosphere
2019-01-02 Blake Jarwin: "We Got Work To Do"
2019-01-02 Scott Linehan: "Getting Ready For The Next One"
2019-01-02 Cowboys This Morning 01/03/19
2019-01-03 Talkin' Cowboys: Dak vs. Russ
2019-01-03 #FinishThisFight: Ezekiel Elliott - Stay Hungry
2019-01-03 Garrett: Playoff Prep; Respect For Seattle
2019-01-03 Cowboys Insider: The Playoffs Return
2019-01-03 Cowboys Break: What's New?
2019-01-03 DeMarcus Lawrence: Living In The Moment
2019-01-03 Amari Cooper: "Ready To Get Things Rolling"
2019-01-03 Sean Lee: ‘Incredible’ Work This Week
2019-01-03 Leighton Vander Esch: Be Who We Are
2019-01-03 Byron Jones: "This Guy Is Definitely Special"
2019-01-03 Somos Cowboys Radio te prepara para los playoffs!
2019-01-03 Cover 4: Bold Predictions For The Wild Card Round
2019-01-03 DCC Podcast: Lacey & KaShara Share Pro Bowl Secrets
2019-01-03 Know Más: Vander Esch vs. Antwaun Woods
2019-01-03 Análisis de Juego: Russell Wilson y Frank Clark
2019-01-04 Cover 4 Podcast: Why It's The Cowboys' Time to #FinishThisFight
2019-01-04 #FinishThisFight: 2019 Wild Card Hype Video
2019-01-04 Jason Garrett Show: Next Step
2019-01-04 Hangin' with the Break: Forces Collide
2019-01-04 #AskTheBoys: Time To Get Serious
2019-01-04 Playoff Mentality Is Nothing New
2019-01-06 Allen Hurns Leaves The Game After Catch
2019-01-06 Antwaun Woods Lowers The Boom For Huge Loss
2019-01-06 Maliek Collins Sacks Wilson on Third Down
2019-01-06 Amari Cooper Slips Would-Be Tackle After Catch
2019-01-06 Halftime Update: Seahawks 6 Cowboys 10
2019-01-06 Ezekiel Elliott Hits The Accelerator For 44 Yards
2019-01-06 Dak Drops TD Pass In The Bucket To Gallup
2019-01-06 Ezekiel Elliott Runs Up The Middle For TD
2019-01-06 Tavon Austin Gets Loose For 51-Yard Punt Return
2019-01-06 Dak Prescott FLIPS After 16-Yard Run On Third Down
2019-01-06 The First Word: Cowboys Move On To Divisional Round
2019-01-06 Dak Prescott Runs In TD To Give Cowboys Two-Score Lead
2019-01-06 Wild Card Highlights: Cowboys vs. Seahawks
2019-01-06 Ezekiel Elliott: "We're Just Getting Started"
2019-01-06 Jason Garrett Postgame Press Conference vs. SEA - 1/5/19
2019-01-06 Jerry Jones Reacts To Playoff Win Over Seattle
2019-01-06 Dak Prescott Highlights | NFC Wild Card
2019-01-06 Ezekiel Elliott Highlights | NFC Wild Card
2019-01-06 Amari Cooper Cruises to a 34-Yard Pickup
2019-01-06 Zeke Stiff-Arms Griffin to the Turf
2019-01-06 Brad and Babe Post Game Show: We're Not Done
2019-01-06 Locker Room Reaction: Wild Card Win
2019-01-06 Cowboys Wild Card Win Post Game Reaction
2019-01-07 Talkin' Cowboys: Back Out West
2019-01-07 Cowboys Break: Lots to Cover
2019-01-07 Quick Snap: Cowboys Win Wild Card Round
2019-01-07 Cover 4: Keepin' It 100 In The Playoffs
2019-01-08 Cowboys Hour: Anthony Brown & Connor Williams
2019-01-08 Tavon Austin: "You Always Want To Show Out"
2019-01-08 Joe Looney: "Got To Bring Our A-Game"
2019-01-08 Cowboys This Morning 1/8/19
2019-01-08 Jason Garrett: Facing Gurley, Goff, Rams Offense
2019-01-08 Cowboys Break: Zeke Or Gurley?
2019-01-08 #FinishThisFight: Tavon Austin - Run With It
2019-01-08 Hangin' with the 'Boys: Cowboys Nation Will Be Loud
2019-01-08 5 Points Blue Podcast: Playoff Talk With Kelli Finglass
2019-01-08 Jeff Health: "We Like Our Chances"
2019-01-09 Film Room: Facing The LA Rams
2019-01-09 Talkin' Cowboys: Matchups To Watch
2019-01-09 #FinishThisFight: Jaylon Smith - Beat The Odds
2019-01-09 Jason Garrett: ‘No Concerns’ About Dak
2019-01-09 Cowboys Break: The Rams Defense?
2019-01-09 Dak Prescott: "This Is Another Game"
2019-01-09 Cowboys Insider: One Round Down
2019-01-10 Scott Linehan: "We're In The Tournament Now"
2019-01-10 Jason Garrett Show: Eyes Forward On The Rams
2019-01-10 Garrett: Final Thoughts Before The Divisional Round
2019-01-10 Cowboys Break: Yes or No?
2019-01-10 Somos Cowboys Radio te prepara para la Ronda Divisional
2019-01-10 Cowboys with California Connections
2019-01-10 Finding A Way to Stop the A Prolific Offense
2019-01-10 Cowboys vs Rams: Finish This Fight
2019-01-11 Somos Cowboys previa Ronda Divisional ante Rams
2019-01-11 Blueprint: 3 Keys To Another Playoff Win
2019-01-11 #FinishThisFight: NFC Divisional - Round 2
2019-01-11 Cover 4 Podcast: Dodging The Rams?
2019-01-11 Talkin' Cowboys Break: Cowboys-Rams Preview
2019-01-11 A Home Game Feeling On the Road
2019-01-11 #AskTheBoys: From 3-5 to the City of Dreams
2019-01-12 Last Words: Are They Playoff Ready?
2019-01-13 LeBron James arrives for Cowboys-Rams
2019-01-13 Amari Cooper Takes Off For Huge 29-yard TD
2019-01-13 Amari Cooper & Marcus Peters Get Into Altercation
2019-01-13 Pregame LIVE: NFC Divisional Round
2019-01-13 Dak's Touch Pass Hits Schultz For 20 yards
2019-01-13 Dak Prescott & Troy Aikman Hug Before Game
2019-01-13 Anthony Brown Brings Down Gurley For a Loss
2019-01-13 Halftime Update: Cowboys 7 Rams 20
2019-01-13 Michael Gallup Gallops For 27-Yard Catch and Run
2019-01-13 Prescott's Pinpoint Pass Hits Gallup For 44-Yards
2019-01-13 Zeke caps Cowboys' Drive With Powerful TD Run
2019-01-13 Dak Hits Cooper For Cowboys' 2-point Conversion
2019-01-13 Highlights: Cowboys @ Rams Divisional Round
2019-01-13 The First Word: Cowboys Lose In LA
2019-01-13 Dak Prescott Postgame @ LAR - 1/12/19
2019-01-13 Jason Garrett Postgame @ LAR - 1/12/19
2019-01-13 Rod Marinelli on Reports of His Retirement
2019-01-13 Sean Lee: "We Will Figure Out The Future"
2019-01-13 Locker Room Reaction: They Played Better Than Us
2019-01-13 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys no pudieron detener a Rams
2019-01-13 Brad and Babe Post Game Show: Lot to Build On
2019-01-13 Jeff Heath: "It's Something to Be Proud Of"
2019-01-14 Talkin' Cowboys: What's Next?
2019-01-14 Cowboys Break: Speculating On Coaches
2019-01-14 2018 Whataburger Coach of the Week
2019-01-14 Hangin' with the 'Boys: They Were Just Better
2019-01-14 Cowboys Evaluate Their Season and Look Ahead
2019-01-14 Garrett: 2018 Season Final Press Conference
2019-01-15 Quick Snap: Cowboys Fight Until The End In L.A.
2019-01-15 Talkin' Cowboys: Ranking Offseason Priorities
2019-01-15 5 Points Blue Podcast: Moving Into Offseason Mode
2019-01-15 Film Room: The Good & Bad Against The Rams
2019-01-16 Cowboys This Morning 1/16/19
2019-01-16 Cowboys Break: Fixing the Offense?
2019-01-17 Schools Join Cowboys in LEGO Competition
2019-01-17 Cowboys This Morning 1/17/19
2019-01-17 Draft Show: 2019 Kickoff & Senior Bowl Preview
2019-01-17 Hangin' with the 'Boys: Intrigue Lies Ahead
2019-01-17 Roundtable: Under The Radar Free Agents
2019-01-17 Ezekiel Elliott's Best Plays of 2018
2019-01-17 DCC Podcast: Brennan & Caroline
2019-01-18 Cowboys This Morning 1/18/19
2019-01-18 Under Review: Defensive MVP
2019-01-21 Under Review: Surprising Offensive MVP Picks 
2019-01-22 Under Review: Cowboys Best Play of 2018 
2019-01-22 Stephen Jones: On Kellen Moore; New Staff Questions
2019-01-22 Jerry Jones: "We're A Long Way From The Super Bowl"
2019-01-23 Draft Show: LIVE @ 2019 Senior Bowl - Day 1
2019-01-23 Draft Show: LIVE @ 2019 Senior Bowl - Day 2
2019-01-24 Draft Show: LIVE @ 2019 Senior Bowl - Day 3
2019-01-24 Zeke Plays Some Defense at Pro Bowl Practice
2019-01-24 2019 Senior Bowl - What Stood Out?
2019-01-24 Dak Prescott: "My Goal Is To Get Better"
2019-01-24 Kris Richard: "Press Forward To 2019"
2019-01-24 Mic'd Up at Pro Bowl 19: Byron Jones
2019-01-25 DCC Podcast: Jalyn & Miranda
2019-01-25 Byron Jones: I'm Selfish About Kris Richard
2019-01-26 D-Ware: How D-Law Gets Better
2019-01-26 Mic'd Up at Pro Bowl 19: Ezekiel Elliott
2019-01-26 Tony Pollard WeavesThrough The Defense For TD
2019-01-27 Zeke, Saquon play Defense, Pressure Watson
2019-01-27 Dak Prescott's 4th quarter TD Dart To Hooper
2019-01-27 Zeke Channels Taysom Hill On NFC's Fake Punt
2019-01-27 Zeke Hands Off To Saquon To Pick Up First Down
2019-01-28 2019 Senior Bowl Highlights
2019-01-28 5 Points Blue Podcast: Super Bowl Memories
2019-01-28 Under Review: Most Surprising Performance?  
2019-01-29 Under Review: Most Improved Cowboys Player?
2019-01-30 Cowboys Break: Who's Calling the Plays?
2019-01-30 Kavon Frazier’s Dedication to Mentorship
2019-01-31 Draft Show: 2019 Senior Bowl Wrap & Review
2019-01-31 Amari Cooper Joins 'Super Bowl Live'
2019-01-31 The Producers Podcast: Behind the Scenes of DC.com
2019-01-31 DCC Podcast: Lauren P. & Christina