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Videos - September 2019

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2019-09-02 Garrett: “Focused On The Guys We Have Right Now”
2019-09-02 Zack Martin: Making Progress
2019-09-02 Amari Cooper: Feeling Good About Foot
2019-09-02 Crawford: Not Our Job To Worry About Contracts
2019-09-03 Cowboys Hour: Antwaun Woods & Maliek Collins
2019-09-03 Cover 4: La’el Eating Pie, What’s Left? 
2019-09-03 Talkin' Cowboys: Spending For The Future
2019-09-03 Locker Room Reaction: Excited For The Season
2019-09-04 Cover 4: Zeke and Destroy The Deal
2019-09-04 Jason Garrett: “Excited To Have Him Back”
2019-09-04 Talkin' Cowboys: Breaking Down Zeke's Deal
2019-09-04 Ezekiel Elliott: “We’re A Family”
2019-09-04 La’el Collins: I Want To Retire Here
2019-09-04 DeMarcus Lawrence: Ready To Cause Some Havoc
2019-09-05 Cover 4: Giant Step For Cowboys
2019-09-05 Jason Garrett: We Will See What He Can Handle
2019-09-05 Talkin' Cowboys: Concerns vs. Giants?
2019-09-05 Ezekiel Elliott New Contract Press Conference
2019-09-05 Somos Cowboys Radio: Inicio de temporada
2019-09-05 Special Edition: Zeke Ends Holdout Just in Time
2019-09-05 Dak Prescott: I’ve Got Enough on My Plate
2019-09-05 Rod Marinelli: Number 1 Priority is to Stop the Run
2019-09-06 Somos Cowboys te prepara para el encuentro ante los Giants
2019-09-06 Cover 4: Boldest Predictions for Sunday 
2019-09-06 Dallas Cowboys #NFL100 Press Conference
2019-09-06 Jason Garrett: Zeke Making Progress
2019-09-06 Talkin' Cowboys: Final Thoughts & Predictions
2019-09-06 Cowboys Break: Ready For Week 1?
2019-09-06 Hangin' with the Boys: Ready For Some Football!
2019-09-06 Jason Garrett Show: Welcome Back!
2019-09-06 Blueprint: Keys To Cowboys Week 1 Win
2019-09-06 #AskTheBoys: No Contracts Are Discussed
2019-09-06 Backs Gather For Cowboys Style RBQ
2019-09-06 Análisis de Juego: Saquon Barkley y Janoris Jenkins
2019-09-07 Going Pro: Tony Pollard
2019-09-07 Going Pro: Donovan Wilson
2019-09-08 Dallas Cowboys Official 2019-20 Season Hype
2019-09-08 Cowboys Rewind: Zeke Returns Just In Time
2019-09-08 Cowboys Pregame Live #NYGvsDAL | 2019
2019-09-08 Dak's First Pass of 2019 is First-Down Strike
2019-09-08 Jason Witten Gets First Catch of 2019 Season
2019-09-08 Dak Prescott Floats it to Blake Jarwin for TD
2019-09-08 Dak Drops Dime in Gallup's Bucket for 36 Yards
2019-09-08 Randall Cobb's Stiff Arm Sends Giants DB Flying
2019-09-08 Jason Witten Scores TD in First Game Back
2019-09-08 Cowboys Halftime Update #NYGvsDAL
2019-09-08 Dak Prescott Dials it up to Amari Cooper for TD
2019-09-08 Amari Cooper 45-Yard Catch From Dak Prescott
2019-09-08 Dak Prescott Hits Randall Cobb for 25-Yard TD
2019-09-08 D-Law Takes the Ball out of Eli's Hands on Sack
2019-09-08 Michael Gallup Massive 62-Yard Catch and Run
2019-09-08 'Boys Unveil New Triple-Option Look on Zeke TD
2019-09-08 Heads Up Play of the Week #NYGvsDAL | 2019
2019-09-09 Cowboys vs Giants Week 1 Highlights | 2019
2019-09-09 Every TD pass by Dak Prescott vs Giants | Week 1
2019-09-09 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 1 vs NYG
2019-09-09 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 1 vs NYG
2019-09-09 Jason Witten: A Special Moment
2019-09-09 Michael Gallup: A Lot of Weapons
2019-09-09 Randall Cobb: A Dose of What We Could Do
2019-09-09 Kellen Moore: We'll Continue to Build
2019-09-09 Demarcus Lawrence: I'm Not Satisfied
2019-09-09 Cowboys OT: Dak's Offensive Dominates NY Giants
2019-09-09 Cowboys Game Night: Cowboys Roll in the Opener
2019-09-09 Talkin' Cowboys: Couldn't Ask For Moore
2019-09-09 Cowboys Break: Adjusting The Expectations?
2019-09-09 First Word: Kellen Moore's Explosive Debut
2019-09-09 Hangin' with the Boys: Ready For the Super Bowl?
2019-09-09 Jason Garrett: We Had a Good Mix
2019-09-09 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 1 vs NYG | 2019
2019-09-10 Cowboys Hour: Tony Pollard & Jamize Olawale
2019-09-10 Cowboys Flashback: Offense Clicks In Opener
2019-09-10 Cover 4: Hoy Boyz Just Heating Up
2019-09-10 Talkin' Cowboys: Moving Toward A Dak Deal?
2019-09-10 Cowboys Break: Carrying Momentum? 
2019-09-10 Player's Lounge: The Debut Episode
2019-09-11 Mayor's Hometown Huddle | 2019
2019-09-11 Cover 4: Droppin' Wednesday Wisdom 
2019-09-11 Jason Garrett: Reflecting On 9/11
2019-09-11 Cowboys Break: A Full Tank
2019-09-11 Hangin' with the Boys: It's Wingstop Wednesday!
2019-09-11 Jerry Jones: Remembering T. Boone Pickens
2019-09-11 Blake Jarwin: Credits Dak’s Leadership
2019-09-11 Randall Cobb: It's About Being Consistent
2019-09-11 Travis Frederick: You're Never Your Best In Week 1
2019-09-11 Amari Cooper: Rhythm Early Sunday
2019-09-11 Cowboys Insider: A Star is Born
2019-09-11 DeMarcus Lawrence: On Redskins Matchups
2019-09-11 Playmake-Her: Debut Episode 
2019-09-12 Film Room: Why Randall Cobb Is Different
2019-09-12 Happy Hour: DeMarcus Ware
2019-09-12 Who's Faster Chido or Cheetah?
2019-09-12 Talkin' Cowboys: Start Of A Trend?
2019-09-12 Cowboys Break: More From Pollard?
2019-09-12 Jason Garrett: Division Wins Are Important
2019-09-12 Hangin' with the Boys: Let's Talk About Friends
2019-09-12 Cover 4: Who’s Winning These Matchups? 
2019-09-12 Kris Richard: Uphold Our Standard
2019-09-12 Jason Witten: We Stayed Aggressive
2019-09-12 Kellen Moore: They Are Really Good Up Front
2019-09-12 Chidobe Awuzie: It's Confirmed, I'm The Fastest
2019-09-12 Dak Prescott: We Move Forward
2019-09-13 Amari Cooper, "Be Like Dave" | #DALvsWAS 
2019-09-13 Jason Garrett: Final Thoughts Before Washington
2019-09-13 Cover 4: How Do The Cowboys Go 2-0?
2019-09-13 Jason Garett Show: Guarding Against a Letdown
2019-09-13 Cowboys Break: Tough Road Ahead?
2019-09-13 Somos Cowboys previa el encuentro ante los Redskins
2019-09-13 Blueprint: Going For 2-0 In Division
2019-09-13 Byron Jones: Gaining a Lot of Ground
2019-09-15 Cowboys Pregame Live #DALvsWAS | 2019
2019-09-15 Ezekiel Elliott Breaks Through for 15-yard Pickup
2019-09-15 Dak Uncorks 51-yard TD to Devin Smith
2019-09-15 Dak Prescott Takes Off for HUGE 42-YARD
2019-09-15 Jason Witten Catches 2nd TD of the Season
2019-09-15 Amari Cooper Catches for 18-Yard Gain
2019-09-15 Dak Prescott Makes it Look Easy with TD Pass
2019-09-15 Ezekiel Elliott Rumbles Through for a Cowboys' TD
2019-09-15 Elliott Puts The Game Away with 27-yard Rush
2019-09-15 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 2 at WAS
2019-09-15 Cowboys vs Redskins Week 2 Highlights | 2019
2019-09-15 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 2 at WAS
2019-09-15 Devin Smith: It Means A Lot
2019-09-15 Zack Martin: Hungry To Get Better
2019-09-15 Sean Lee: He is an Unbelievable Football Player
2019-09-15 Michael Gallup: He is Playing Really Good Ball
2019-09-15 Dak Prescott's Best Throws vs Redskins | Week 2
2019-09-15 Cowboys OT: Dak & The Offensive Continue To Roll
2019-09-15 Kellen Moore: Two Game In, Playing Really Well
2019-09-16 Cowboys Game Night: Back to Back Division Wins
2019-09-16 Cover 4: Cowboys Top NFC East 
2019-09-16 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Redskins
2019-09-16 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #DALvsWAS
2019-09-16 Talkin' Cowboys: Pick Your Poison?
2019-09-16 Cowboys Break: Assessing The Defense So Far?
2019-09-16 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 2 at WAS | 2019
2019-09-16 Garrett Breaks Down Week 2, Injury Updates
2019-09-17 Cover 4: Who’s the Next Man Up? 
2019-09-17 Talkin' Cowboys: Injury Concerns?
2019-09-17 Cowboys Break: Facing Adversity
2019-09-18 Jason Garrett: Injury Updates; Quinn Returns
2019-09-18 Talkin' Cowboys: Breaking Down The Dolphins
2019-09-18 Cowboys Break: Trap Game?
2019-09-18 Film Room: Devin Smith's Huge Play in Washington
2019-09-18 Hangin' with the Boys: What's The Latest on Taco?
2019-09-18 Instant Reaction: Taco Charlton Released
2019-09-18 Stephen Jones on the Release of Taco Charlton
2019-09-18 Travis Frederick: No Margin For Error In The NFL
2019-09-18 Ezekiel Elliott: Still Getting Into The Flow Of Things
2019-09-18 Devin Smith: Prepare Like A Starter
2019-09-18 Zack Martin: Still Some Things To Clean Up
2019-09-18 Randall Cobb: That's What We're Capable Of
2019-09-18 Cooper: We Go Together Like Ketchup On A Burger
2019-09-19 Playmake-Her: It’s All About Family
2019-09-19 Dallas Cowboys Rookie Club | 2019
2019-09-19 Stephen Jones Updates Injuries Going into Week 3
2019-09-19 Cover 4: Is This A Trap Game? 
2019-09-19 Jason Garrett: Taco's Release; Dolphins Prep
2019-09-19 #AskTheBoys: Uni Watching In Week 3
2019-09-19 Hangin' with the Boys: Smackdown on Sunday?
2019-09-19 Special Edition: Returning Home to Face Dolphins
2019-09-19 Know Más: Battle of the Corners 
2019-09-19 La'el Collins, "Be Like Dave" | #MIAvsDAL
2019-09-19 Dak Prescott: SI Cover, Mechanics & More
2019-09-19 Jason Witten: These Are Professional Athletes
2019-09-19 Darian Thompson: It's A Big Opportunity For Me
2019-09-19 Kellen Moore: They've Got Talent
2019-09-20 Cowboys Break: Will Taco Play?
2019-09-20 Anthony Brown: Always Room For Improvement
2019-09-20 Rocket Ismail Teams Up With Special Olympics
2019-09-20 Tony Pollard: Trying To Make A Role For Myself
2019-09-20 Jason Garrett Show: We Want To Play Better
2019-09-22 Dak Goes Deep with First Offensive Play of the Day
2019-09-22 Dak Prescott hits Witten for HUGE 3rd-Down Pickup
2019-09-22 Amari Cooper Gets His Third TD of the Season
2019-09-22 Cowboys Pregame Live #MIAvsDAL | 2019
2019-09-22 Cowboys Defense Forces Fumble in Red Zone
2019-09-22 Amari Cooper Beats Xavien Howard for 19-yard TD
2019-09-22 Devin Smith Gets Physical with 33-Yard Catch
2019-09-22 Robert Quinn Gets His First Sack With Cowboys
2019-09-22 Dak Darts Pass on Run to Cobb for 20 Yards
2019-09-22 Dak Prescott Bursts Free for 1st Rushing TD
2019-09-22 Jason Witten Makes Dolphins Defender Miss
2019-09-22 Tony Pollard Shows Wild Array of Jukes Run
2019-09-22 Tony Pollard Gets His Rushing First TD of 2019
2019-09-22 Cowboys vs Dolphins Week 3 Highlights | 2019
2019-09-22 First Word: Taking Care of Business
2019-09-22 Dak Prescott's Best Throws vs Dolphins | Week 3
2019-09-22 Jaylon Smith's Best Plays vs Dolphins | Week 3
2019-09-22 Heads Up Play of the Week #MIAvsDAL | 2019
2019-09-22 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 3 vs MIA
2019-09-22 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 3 vs MIA
2019-09-22 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 3 vs MIA
2019-09-22 Tony Pollard: No Slack or No Drop Off
2019-09-22 Randall Cobb: Continuing To Attack
2019-09-22 Robert Quinn: Pretty Good For The First Game
2019-09-22 La'el Collins: The Standard is High For Us
2019-09-22 Jaylon Smith: We're Showing Glimpses
2019-09-22 Cowboys OT: Overcoming Another Slow Start
2019-09-22 Cowboys Game Night: Haft to Haft
2019-09-22 Jason Witten: Every Win Is Tough in this League
2019-09-22 DeMarcus Lawrence: This Ain't Rocket Science
2019-09-23 Cover 4: Scooter Magruder Joins To Celebrate 3-0
2019-09-23 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Dolphins
2019-09-23 Hangin' with the Boys: 3-0 Talk With Dorrough
2019-09-23 Radio Heads: Debut Episode
2019-09-23 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #MIAvsDAL
2019-09-23 Cowboys Flashback: 1-2 Punch in the Backfield
2019-09-23 Play60 Playground Build | 2019
2019-09-23 Jason Garrett: Halftime Adjustments and More
2019-09-23 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 3 vs MIA | 2019
2019-09-24 Cowboys Hour: Tyron Smith & La'el Collins
2019-09-24 Cover 4: Looking at the 2019 Dak Attack
2019-09-24 Talkin' Cowboys: Most Critical Matchup vs. Saints?
2019-09-24 Cowboys Break: Getting Healthy? 
2019-09-24 Hangin' with the Boys: Kountry Wayne Calls In
2019-09-24 Player's Lounge: C.J. Goodwin Joins The Show
2019-09-25 Jason Garrett: Woods, Austin & Gifford Updates
2019-09-25 Cover 4: NFC Beast or NFC Least?
2019-09-25 Talkin' Cowboys: The Kamara Issue
2019-09-25 Cowboys Insider: Dolphin Drama & Determination
2019-09-25 Cowboys Break: Won’t Be “Easy”
2019-09-25 Hangin' with the Boys: Any Offensive Concerns?
2019-09-25 Jaylon Smith: We Haven’t Hit Our Standard
2019-09-25 DeMarcus Lawrence: This Is A Game Of Toughness
2019-09-25 Análisis de Juego: Alvin Kamara y Marshon Lattimore 
2019-09-25 Trysten Hill: Room For Improvement
2019-09-25 Travis Frederick: Block The Same Way
2019-09-25 Robert Quinn: Four Equals One
2019-09-25 Jourdan Lewis: It’s A Different Year 
2019-09-25 Playmake-Her: Overcoming Fear in Careers
2019-09-26 Jason Garrett: Amari Cooper Injury Update; More
2019-09-26 Talkin' Cowboys: Will It Be A Track Meet?
2019-09-26 Cowboys Break: Defensive Struggle?
2019-09-26 Hangin' with the Boys: Will This Be A Shootout?
2019-09-26 Kellen Moore: Dak’s Letting It Rip
2019-09-26 Jason Witten: Got To Be On The Same Page
2019-09-26 Kris Richard: Sacks Are Going To Come In Bunches
2019-09-26 Dak Prescott: My Main Focus
2019-09-27 Randall Cobb, "Be Like Dave" | #DALvsNO
2019-09-27 Jason Garrett Show: New Challenges
2019-09-27 Blueprint: Winning Streak On The Line
2019-09-27 Talkin' Cowboys: Bring The Noise
2019-09-27 Cowboys Rewind: Marching In To New Orleans
2019-09-27 Jason Garrett: Final Thoughts Before New Orleans
2019-09-27 Somos Cowboys Radio: Preparándonos para los Saints
2019-09-27 Cowboys Break: Final Predictions
2019-09-27 Special Edition: Cowboys Head to the Big Easy
2019-09-27 Xavier Woods: I’m Good To Go For This Week
2019-09-27 Blake Jarwin: My Confidence Continues To Build
2019-09-30 Pregame Live - #DALvsNO | 2019
2019-09-30 Chidobe Awuzie Corrals Bobbled Pass for INT
2019-09-30 Dak Prescott Hits Witten with Sideline Dime
2019-09-30 Dak Finds Blake Jarwin Down Seam for 35-Yards
2019-09-30 Ezekiel Elliott Powers in 1-Yard TD
2019-09-30 Robert Quinn Goes Untouched for Powerful Sack
2019-09-30 Randall Cobb Last-Second, 4th-Down Catch
2019-09-30 Jaylon Smith's Sack moves Saints Out of FG Range
2019-09-30 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 4 at NO
2019-09-30 Cowboys vs Saints Highlights Week 4 | 2019
2019-09-30 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 4 at NO
2019-09-30 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 4 at NO
2019-09-30 Jaylon Smith: It Takes A Team Effort
2019-09-30 Chidobe Awuzie: We Just Have To Line Up and Play
2019-09-30 La'el Collins: We Beat Ourselves
2019-09-30 Jason Witten: It's A Mistake on My Part
2019-09-30 Cowboys Game Night: Untimely Fumbles
2019-09-30 Cowboys Game Night: Another Rock Fight vs Saints
2019-09-30 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys sufren su primer golpe ante Saints
2019-09-30 Hangin' with the Boys: The Biggest Let Down?
2019-09-30 Heads Up Play of the Week #DALvsNO | 2019
2019-09-30 Jeff Heath: Continue To Play Disciplined
2019-09-30 Jason Garrett: Saints Recap, Injury Updates