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Offseason | 2023

Approaching 30, Dak Still Wants to Play 'Like A Kid'


FRISCO, Texas – Training camp is still about two weeks away, but Dak Prescott was on the field with a lot of youth this past Saturday at The Star.

In fact, it's a something he knows he has to get used to as he enters Season 8.

Ok, so maybe his annual football camp, sponsored by ProCamps and held at FordCenter is quite a bit different than being the veteran quarterback, but either way, Prescott said he relishes the opportunity to be the older guy in the room, whether he's in the huddle with his team, or on the field with a grade-school kids from the area.First things first, Dak calls it a "special day" to be able to hold his annual camp, which was also sponsored by Tom Thumb and Albertson's.

"It's always great, it's always a blessing to be out here in camp season," Prescott said. "I'm just feeling the excitement. It's special. It's part of being the quarterback and being in this position that I never will get old to be able to impact the kids like I did today. It's the game of football. I've loved this game same way since I was their age. And I'm about to turn 30. When you're out here, having these different ages, you see what this game means. Giving back and I like to interact and play the game."

Speaking of turning 30, which Dak will do on July 29, five days into training camp, the quarterback was asked what that means to him personally from a professional standpoint.

"I've always felt older I guess. Just being 30 doesn't necessarily bother me," Prescott said. "Knowing that I am the old guy, going into Year 8, seeing some of the young guys, some of the rookies and seeing the difference in eight years. It's fun and challenging at times, knowing that I stay connected and stay in the now with what's cool and whatnot. But this game is beautiful. It doesn't matter how old you are because you play this game like a kid."

What about a sense of urgency? Obviously, the Cowboys are eager to get over the hump and advance past the Divisional round of the playoffs, which hasn't happened since the 1995 season, the last year they won a Super Bowl.

But does turning 30 make Dak even more urgent to win?

"One thousand percent," Dak said. "Just understanding injuries and what I've been throughout my career and understanding that you don't have forever to play this game. I'm blessed for every moment that I get. Just trying to take it with a sense of urgency."

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