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Mailbag: Maximizing Dak Prescott’s Potential?

I think it's great that Dak has such a top-notch clutch gene, and I'm excited for the Cowboys’ future with him under center. How, though, does the team go about helping him make his quality of performance in the clutch spread into the first 3/4 of the game?
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Mailbag: How To Avoid The Tag With Tank Again?

With a comparable season to last year would the front office be able to argue for the contract Demarcus Lawrence wanted last offseason or is that no longer going to fly with some of the contracts recently given out by other teams?
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Mailbag: Taco’s Progress; Status At Backup QB

What's your take on Taco so far? 
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Mailbag: Slotting This WR Prospect? LB Depth?

 With the uncertainty surrounding Cole Beasley, would Andy Isabella be a good replacement for him and what round grade would you figure he would have?
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Mailbag: What Does Future Hold For Sean Lee?

After the playoff loss, Sean Lee said he needed to think about his future. Now according to reports it sounds like he wants to play next year. What do you think?
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Mailbag: Value In 2nd? Patience In Players?

It is now being reported that Jeffery Simmons from Mississippi State tore his ACL training. He was viewed by many as a top-15 pick. With all that in consideration, what do you do if he's there at 58?
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Mailbag: Biggest Key For Championship Defense?

I think this Dallas defense can win the East again (after re-signing key players), but what's the one piece this defense is missing?
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Mailbag: Receiver Help? New Scouting Avenue?

With the offseason unknowns at WR looming, a player that hasn't gotten a lot of noise due to his season-ending injury is a guy like Cedrick Wilson.Where does he fit with this team?
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Mailbag: Which Young Players Might Step Up?

Do players like Noah Brown, Blake Jarwin and Darius Jackson have a chance to contribute more next season with simply more opportunity? 
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Mailbag: Finding More Defensive Tackle Depth?

When the Cowboys were unable to stop the run against the Rams all the experts said it was due to the Rams’ offensive line dominating. Does that mean we will lose to them again if we don’t get an upgrade to our defensive tackle position in the upcoming draft?
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Mailbag: Improving The Roster? Byron’s Rise?

I'm all for position flexibility, but do you think Byron Jones would've been a Pro Bowler sooner if he was the starting corner from day one, or was it the tutelage of Kris Richard that did it?
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Mailbag: Who’s The Next Cowboys Hall Of Famer?

Now that Gil Brandt has made it, who do you think should be the next Cowboy in the Hall of Fame and why?
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Mailbag: What Can The Cowboys Learn From NE?

The NFL is a copycat league. Having said that, what can the Cowboys copy from what the Patriots are doing to win a sixth championship?
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Writers Make Their Own ‘NFL Honors’ Picks

The staff writers of decided to weigh in on seven of the top awards. It’s not a prediction of what will happen, but more of an opinion if they had say in the process.
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Mailbag: Garrett’s Contract; Moore As New OC

What do you make of reports that the Cowboys are unlikely to extend head coach Jason Garrett’s contract before the season? What does that mean for expectations in 2019?
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Under Review: How Good Was 2018 Draft Class?

As we continue the series “Under Review,” the staff writers discussed the importance of the 2018 draft class, headlined by a Pro Bowl linebacker but what kind of future did they collect beyond that?  
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Mailbag: Garrett’s Influence? TE Draft Depth?

Is there a tight end you think will be available somewhere in the second round that you project better than Blake Jarwin in 2019, or will all of them require time to get past where Jarwin finished 2018?
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Mailbag: Move Up In Draft? Forgotten Depth?

Do you foresee any scenario where we could move back into the first round to grab someone the draft that the team thinks is a can't-miss in a position of need? 
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Scout’s Eye: Winners From The Senior Bowl Tape

After spending the week in Mobile, Ala., Bryan Broaddus sat down with the tape of the Senior Bowl to see who stood out in the annual all-star game.
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Mailbag: Figuring Out A Role For Sean Lee?

It just seems hard to believe that legitimate snaps can't be found for him that don't come at the expense of Leighton Vander Esch and Jaylon Smith. Why not play him on the strong side in the base defense with snaps also at nickel?
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