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Scout’s Notebook: Michael Gallup Didn’t Step Up

Here are my first impressions from watching the game here in our studios at The Star. I’ll have more for you when I break down the tape tomorrow.
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Gut Feeling: Final Predictions For Cowboys & Jets

The Cowboys have hit a bumpy road the past two weeks with a pair of losses after a 3-0 start. Can they get back on track against the winless Jets? Find out what the staff writers think about Sunday’s game. 
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Final Thoughts: Handling The OT Injuries; More

Heading into Week 6, the Cowboys’ coaching staff has some interesting decisions to make in figuring out how to juggle a banged up offensive line on Sunday against the New York Jets.
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Mailbag: Stealing Hand Signals An Issue?

Just saw an article talking about how some Saints players reviewed old footage of Kellen Moore in college and used some of his hand signals to figure out what the plays were going to be. Wondering what you think about it?
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Matchups: Frederick Facing An Unusual Challenge

As usual, here’s my weekly look at the two big matchups I have my eye on for this weekend.
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Mailbag: How Much Have They Missed Antwaun?

Does the absence of Antwaun Woods have a direct correlation with the last two defensive performances against the run?
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Scout’s Eye: How To Game Plan For Jamal Adams?

 It’s been four years since the Cowboys have played the New York Jets, and I don’t need to tell you that a lot has changed for both teams since then. That was a late-season matchup between two teams that were in complete transition.
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Mailbag: Kicking Around Some Solutions

I was wondering if you think late in the Packers game maybe they should have gone ahead and tried the field goal before the two-minute warning?
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Mailbag: Concerns After Two Straight Losses?

Are the Cowboys better than their last two performances have shown? 
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Scout’s Eye: Where Did The Run Defense Fail?

In watching Sunday’s loss to Green Bay over again, Bryan Broaddus did his best to diagnose where the Cowboys fell short in a disappointing effort against the Packers.
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Mailbag: What’s Happened To The Turnover Battle?

The Cowboys’ offense put the team in a big hole with turnovers against Green Bay, but the question is where are the turnovers from our defense? 
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Scout’s Notebook: Rodgers Makes Magic Again

From my seat inside our studios here at The Star, here are some of my early impressions from Sunday’s loss to Green Bay.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys-Packers

The Cowboys and Packers are both coming off disappointing first losses of the season last week. Who is going to bounce back this week? Find out what the staff writers think about Sunday’s game. 
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Final Thoughts: Preparing For The Packers’ WRs

Heading into the weekend, Bryan Broaddus has one last look at this Week 5 matchup between the Cowboys and the Packers.
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Mailbag: The LB Matchup Against Aaron Rodgers?

With this being first time Jaylon/LVE playing Aaron Rodgers together, how much of a difference will this make?
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Mailbag: Distribution Of The Tight End Snaps?

With the first quarter of the season finished, approximately how many plays is Jason Witten getting per game? I know he's making a difference and I'm very thankful that he's back.
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Scout’s Eye: The Packers’ New Look Secondary

The Green Bay Packers are a team you should know well by now. The Cowboys have played them often in recent years, and there are some obvious constants – Aaron Rodgers come to mind.
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Mailbag: ‘Copycat’ Approach From Defenses?

In a copycat league, I expect other teams to use the Saints’ game plan, but what other teams on the schedule have the personnel to execute it?
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Mailbag: Why So Few Snaps For Tony Pollard?

Any idea why Tony Pollard was not utilized during the Saints game? Don't get me wrong, Zeke's my man, but the one-two punch certainly seems to keep teams off balance.
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Scout’s Eye: Where’d The Passing Game Go?

Having watched the Saints game back again, Bryan Broaddus has a few notes and observations about where things went wrong on Sunday night in New Orleans.
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