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Mailbag: How To Fix The Slow Starts?

It seems we’re constantly playing catch up and it’s too little, too late in our four losses.
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Mailbag: Running Dak Prescott More Often?

I know it isn’t as simple as the numbers are suggesting, but the difference in our record when Dak runs vs. when he doesn’t run is staggering.
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Mailbag: What Was The Difference Up Front?

Both the Cowboys and the Vikings came into the game looking to stop the run, namely, Zeke and Dalvin Cook. The Vikings were able to accomplish this and the Cowboys weren't. Why?
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Scout's Notebook: Coach Miscues; Credit To Dak

A handful of notes and observations from another ugly loss.
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Mailbag: Key Matchups Against Minnesota?

What do you guys think is the most important matchup between the Cowboys and Vikings?
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Mailbag: Closer Look At Bennett's Debut?

After watching a hard-fought game against the Giants, I was happy to see such camaraderie. How do you like the versatility of Michael Bennett, especially playing inside?
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Mailbag: Sean Lee's Linebacker Role; More

I realize the Cowboys are loaded at linebacker. But how can you keep Sean Lee on the sidelines after what he showed against the Giants.
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Scout's Notebook: Lawrence Improving Each Week

Having watched the Cowboys’ victory over the Giants from our studio at The Star, here are my initial thoughts from the game. 
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Giants

The Cowboys should be at full strength heading into MetLife Stadium to play the Giants. Check out the staff predictions for Monday’s game. 
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Final Thoughts: Handling The Giants' Pass Rush

Finally, we get to watch a game again.
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Mailbag: Key Players Down The Stretch?

Who’s a player who has seemingly gotten better throughout the season and you expect to give the team a lift down the stretch?
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Matchups: Can The Giants Generate Pass Rush?

Here’s a look at my two big matchups heading into this second meeting against the New York Giants.
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Mailbag: Midseason Look At The Draft Class?

With a bye week to reflect, can you provide an update on the Cowboys' 2019 draft class?
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Scout's Eye: Jones & Tate Give Giants A Boost

Here’s my weekly look at the upcoming opponent and everything that’s changed for them in the last two months.
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Mailbag: How Have The Giants Changed?

Beyond QB, what are the 2 biggest differences between the Giants team we face this week and the one we saw in Week 1?
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Mailbag: Bennett's Impact On The Defense?

Having traded for Michael Bennett mid-season and him being an experienced veteran, do you see him playing a big role in the rotation immediately like Robert Quinn?
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How Has Dak Prescott Taken This Next Step?

Bryan Broaddus is taking a look back to the first two months, analyzing some of the key aspects from each phases of the game. Today, we focus on the offense.
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Mailbag: Are The Cowboys Done Dealing?

With the NFL trade deadline closing soon, are there any other potential positions that the front office may consider filling?
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Is Tank Lawrence Due For A Big Second Half?

Football analyst Bryan Broaddus is taking a look back to the first two months, analyzing some of the key aspects from each phases of the game. Today, we focus on the defense.
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Scouting Report: Michael Bennett's Versatility

Michael Bennett will add versatility to the Cowboys' defensive line when the trade with the Patriots is officially finalized, Bryan Broaddus writes.
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