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CowBuzz: Boys' To Wear Navy Jerseys This Weekend


For the first time this season, the Cowboys will don their navy jerseys on the road this weekend versus the Chargers.  We are continually asked why the team doesn't wear navy more often, so here's a little  history lesson.

The late Tex Schramm started the tradition of the Cowboys wearing white jerseys at home in the 60's.  He wanted to give Cowboys fans the opportunity to see the different uniforms of visiting teams from around the league instead of seeing all visiting teams in white jerseys.  There is also the belief that Schramm created the white jersey policy because so many of the Dallas games were played in the sweltering heat of the Cotton Bowl and there was a competitive advantage for Cowboys when the visitors had to wear dark jerseys in the hot Texas temperatures.


Every season, around late June, the home team for each game submits what uniform they are wearing and the visiting has to wear the opposite color way.  The Cowboys opt to wear white at home and most of their opponents chose to wear their home colors leaving the Cowboys in white on the road for most games.

There are usually one or two exceptions each season.  Some people believe a few teams that play their games outdoors make the Cowboys wear navy on the road early in the season to make players uncomfortable due to the heat absorption of a dark jersey. This probably held true in the past, but with the breathable technology of jerseys now, that doesn't play much of a factor.

The other theory is the navy jersey curse.  Cowboys fans across the world are convinced that the Cowboys are more likely to lose when wearing their navy jerseys than when they wear their whites.  These fans believe other teams are aware of the curse and make the Cowboys wear blue on the road from time-to-time to jinx them.

Whatever your take is on the navy jersey theory, we will see the Boys' in the navies this weekend in San Diego.

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