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CowBuzz: Fan Shows Support In Unusual Way


You see a lot of things outside the walls of Valley Ranch on a weekly basis.  Mostly fans taking pictures and occasionally getting out of their vehicles to pose at the entrance of the team's facility at Valley Ranch.

Today I witnessed something I've never seen before, enter George Cooper-Tyner.  George is a fan that has taken his support for the Cowboys to another level.

George is from New York and flew to Dallas to show his support for the team.  He spent the majority of Tuesday standing in front of the entrance to the Cowboys' facility with a sign that offered "early congratulations to the Superbowl XLVIII World Champions, Dallas Cowboys, on an outstanding season!"

The majority of players didn't get to see George's congratulatory message because Tuesday is their day off.  To make sure that the players know he's behind them, George plans on spending all day Wednesday at Valley Ranch before he flies back to New York.

I assumed George came in town to see the Cowboys play the Broncos on Sunday but that wasn't the case.  He came in town with the sole purpose of showing the team his support by standing in front of Valley Ranch with his sign.  I asked George what message he would tell Cowboys fans and this was his response, "Have faith, the best is yet to come."

Coach Garrett or Mr. Jones, if you read this article, George said he's available to be the sideline "Get Back Man" on game days if you need one.

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