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CowBuzz: Latest Power Rankings Have Cowboys Climbing

The latest round of NFL power rankings have the Cowboys inching closer to the top as the playoffs approach. 

After back-to-back wins on the road against the Bears and the Eagles, the Cowboys have found themselves in charge of their own destiny.  Win out and they win the division.  Lose one along the way and you have to have help from other places.  It just wouldn't be Cowboys football if the season didn't end this way would it?

Here's where the latest power rankings have the Cowboys positioned. has the Cowboys moving up two spots and leapfrogging over the Colts and Cardinals who both won on Sunday to land at No. 5.  Here's what their Elliot Harrison had to say.

"No, apparently these are not the "same ol' Cowboys." Every time this franchise has been in position to win the NFC East in recent years, it has faltered in games like this. And after Dallas blew a 21-0 lead, it looked like that would be the case yet again. But not this time -- not this team. While Sunday night's triumph didn't decide the division, it certainly put Dallas in the driver's seat. Improving to 7-0 on the road certainly says something about the Cowboys -- and makes 25-year-old Mel Gibson proud. Tony Romo could use a 25-year-old body, though. He still looks a wee bit healthier than Gollum to me." has the Cowboys moving up two spots to No. 6 this week, moving one spot ahead of the Colts but one spot behind the Cardinals.  Here's what they had to say.

"Pay that man his money. Dez Bryant had three touchdown catches, bringing his league-leading total to 13 receiving touchdowns. Thirty-seven wide receivers had a higher cap hit this year than Bryant."

Both polls had the Patriots, Broncos, Seahawks and Packers in the top four spots. 

What do you think about the rankings?  Tweet me at @ShannonPG and I'll include some of the best responses in this article.

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