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CowBuzz: LeBron And Teammate Get Pranked By Rowdy Upon Their Dallas Arrival

It's no secret that LeBron James is a huge Cowboys fan.  On any given Sunday his fandom can be seen on his social channels and he's attended games at AT&T Stadium.

James arrived in Dallas late Monday night as his current team plays Tuesday night in Dallas.  The Dallas Cowboys Mascot, Rowdy, knew LeBron was coming and thought this would be a great opportunity to welcome him to the Big D.

With the help of LeBron's trainer, Rowdy was able to greet LeBron upon his arrival to his hotel room.  By the way, LeBron had no idea what he was walking into.

Since Rowdy was already at the team hotel, he thought he'd pay a visit to another Cowboys fan that was in town for the same reason as LeBron, fellow teammate J.R. Smith.  Smith had no idea Rowdy was waiting for him and showed up with a Cowboys beanie on, nice touch J.R.

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