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CowBuzz: Lebron James Plays At AT&T Stadium


So the headline probably isn't leading into what you think, but bear with me, it's a cool story .  As you know the Cowboys opened up the season last night and the stars were definitely in attendance.  Among them were George Strait, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, Hulk Hogan and Lebron James.  In case you aren't up to date on celebrity Cowboys fans, all of these guys are supporters.

Lebron threw a few passes from the sideline during warm ups to Dwayne Harris and Miles Austin before shaking hands with Jason Garrett.  What happened after the game was a once in a lifetime experience for a few lucky fans.

After each home game the Cowboys open the field for a few VIPs and special guests to run around, throw the ball and take photos.  Shortly after security cleared the field and let guests on, Lebron came onto the field with about 15 members of his entourage to throw the ball around.  About five minutes in, he decided to play a pick-up game (of football, I know, that sounds weird).  He picked about eight random people on the field to play against him and his buddies.

I stood around for about 20 minutes and watched as Lebron ran routes, played defense and manned the reigns at QB.  It was a pretty cool scene and a moment a few lucky fans will never forget. 

If you're wondering, Lebron did score a touchdown.  What did he do after he scored?  Ran over to the goalpost and dunked it over the crossbar, what else would you expect?


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