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CowBuzz: Teammates Sunday, Dez, T-Will Rivals on Saturday


Most week days during the NFL season, the media is allowed into the locker room for about 30 – 45 minutes to conduct interviews. Nearly every week there will be a college football matchup that will pit two or more Cowboys players' alma matters against each other on the college gridiron.

Some weeks you'll hear guys yell across the locker room taunting each other leading up to game day.  Sometimes you'll even see players wearing the opposing college's gear in the locker room the week following the game to pay off a friendly wager.

This Saturday, The Baylor Bears will travel to Stillwater, Oklahoma to take on Oklahoma State University on Saturday. The game has national championship implications and we just so happen to have a total of six alumni from both schools currently on the Cowboys' roster.

Lanear Sampson and Terrance Williams both attended Baylor University and Dez Bryant, Joseph Randle, Orie Lemon and Dan Bailey attended OSU.

We couldn't find Dan to give us his thoughts on the game, but we did catch up with the others and chaos pretty much insued.  Check out the video.

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