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CowBuzz: Twitter Bet Turns Into #CeeDeeRun2020


Prior to the NFL Draft, Cowboys' Draft Show host Kyle Youmans responded to a fan that suggested if CeeDee Lamb we're still available at 17 that the team should take him. Youmans didn't believe the Oklahoma wide receiver would still be undrafted by that point and said if that were to happen he would run from his apartment to The Star in Frisco and back. Turns out, that equates to over 13 miles and would be considered a half-marathon.

As we all know now, Lamb was still available and drafted by the team at 17. While most of Cowboys Nation was celebrating the draft pick, Youmans knew that he had happily lost this casual bet and would have to pay his end of the deal.

On Wednesday, Youmans, completed his self-titled #CeeDeeRun2020 and documented the process on his personal social media.

While we look forward to the 2020 season, some fans are already anxious to see what Youmans might agree to next draft.

Hear more from Youmans and his completed #CeeDeeRun2020 on this week's episode of The Blitz.

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