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Offseason | 2023

Dak on Cooks: "His Speed is Different than Others"


FRISCO, Texas — Change has been the theme for the Dallas offense so far this offseason, and while the leadership up top with Dak Prescott and CeeDee Lamb has remained consistent, the moving parts around them have remained in motion at a constant pace.

Whether it be Mike McCarthy taking over play-calling duties, Ezekiel Elliott's current departure, the addition of Brandin Cooks or the rookie playmakers that were drafted by the front office, Dak Prescott has been able to stay level-headed and is excited about what's to come for the group in 2023.

"Things have been great, honestly," Prescott said. "The coaches are working together, you can see their chemistry and how together they are. They're making sure that they're giving everything to us detailed and the right way the first time. Right now, it's about getting comfortable with the plays we want to run and finding out who exactly we want to be and what we do best."

Prescott's excitement around what Brandin Cooks specifically can bring to the offense in 2023 is palpable, as the 10-year veteran has already been able to make an impact on everyone around him.

"The moment that guy showed up, just watching him in workouts and how he carries himself from drill-to-drill, what he does pre-workout and post-workout to take care of his body to have that speed," Prescott said. "When you throw it to him, it stands out, his speed is different from many others. He's already been helping CeeDee, helping the young guys, playing cornerback to teach them the little nuances of route-running. It's gonna be huge for me and huge for the room."

During his career, Cooks' speed has helped him earn six 1,000-yard seasons with four different quarterbacks. Of his 57 career touchdown receptions, 27 have been of 20 or more yards, including a 98-yard touchdown in 2016 as a member of the Saints.

CeeDee Lamb is thrilled to have that big-play ability alongside him, as he's had a field day picking Cooks' brain on the position with the two having already built a strong off-the-field relationship that has helped bleed into Lamb picking up on what Cooks does on-the-field.

"I'm more of a visual learner and he's more of a 'let me show you' type," Lamb said. "Honestly if I have any questions, the first moment he stepped in, he said to ask and be open with him. Out of all the guys I've had ahead of me, I always pick their brain. That's one thing I'm good at.

"In a situation like this, he can still run, he can still move, he's very explosive. It's good to have him a part of this team. [Cooks brings] excitement, speed. And of course that veteran leadership, you can't have too much of it."

Despite a lot of adjustments being continuously made to the offense, the veteran presence of Cooks paired with the youthful new additions has everyone in the building excited about how the Cowboys can perform offensively in 2023.

"Can't really put a ceiling on us," Lamb said. "As you can tell, we can score from anywhere, quite honestly. We just have to put it together."

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