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DeMarvion Overshown calmed emotions ahead of Cowboys preseason debut, played big vs. Jaguars


ARLINGTON, Texas — For many, suiting up for the Dallas Cowboys is a dream come true, but that dream feels much more meaningful when it's realized by someone who was born-and-raised in Texas, who then went on to play for the University of Texas and then heard his name called by the Cowboys in the 2023 NFL Draft.

On Saturday, the Arp, Texas native took the field for the first time as a Cowboy, when he tried to will Dallas to a victory alongside some of the other very impressive rookies.

"Got the first one out of the way," said Overshown. "I got my feet wet and now I'm ready for the season."

It sure looks as if he's ready for the big time, considering he led the team with six combined tackles at halftime in what was nothing short of an impressive outing for the first-year linebacker.

Wherever the ball went, Overshown was often involved in stopping the play.

"Just getting out there and flying around," he said. "Really putting on tape that that's how I play ball — I like flying around. I'm happy when I'm out there and I'm passionate when I'm out there. I'm looking forward to turning on the tape and definitely cleaning up the stuff that didn't go well but, other than that, I'm ready to move forward and get better from this game."

He'll now return to Oxnard to try and "improve one percent daily" in his preparation to visit the Seattle Seahawks next weekend, and that matchup will prove a little less emotional for Overshown, considering his preseason debut for the Cowboys is now in the books.

It's likely he'll be all smiles the entire year if not for his entire career in Dallas, but the moment at AT&T Stadium against the Jaguars — as he looked down at the jersey on his chest in the locker room ahead of the contest — was enough to nearly bring him to tears.

That was before he went out and, as a rookie, led the Cowboys pre-game huddle.

Dream realized, and then some.

"I did [have to settle my emotions]," he admitted. "Definitely. Putting the jersey on and putting my armbands on my sleeve and realizing I was about to do this for the Dallas Cowboys. A lot of people dream about it. A lot of people say, 'Man, I wanna do that.'

"I'm part of that one percent that gets the chance to do that. Before the game, I took five deep breaths and soaked it in. I wouldn't wanna be [any]where else. I'm glad to be here. I'm looking forward to the rest of the year."

And as he rolls along in his young, promising career, he does so with one thing in mind as a player trying to help lift his beloved Cowboys to an ever-elusive sixth championship.

"Going out there week by week and flying all over the field — trying to beat everybody to the ball," said Overshown. "I take pride in being around the ball. That's what I'm looking forward to — being that guy all year."

In watching what he put on film against the Jaguars, it's fair to say he's off to a great start.

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