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Jones on OBJ Deal: "This Has to Fit Both Parties"


FRISCO, Texas – Every Tuesday morning, Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones does a regularly-scheduled radio hit on 105.3 "The Fan," to speak on the state of the team.

This Tuesday, he had all ears listening as he was asked several questions regarding his current visit with free-agent Odell Beckham Jr., who met with the organization on Monday and will continue that visit Tuesday.

While there was no news to report, Jones spoke of his meeting on Monday.

"We had pretty extensive meetings. We spent quite a bit of time together. I enjoyed every minute of it. We'll get back together (Tuesday) and see where we go from here. A lot of variables. It has to fit for both parties. This is like getting married. You're not getting together to have issues after you get together."

Those "variables" include both Beckham's health, and concisely, the money it will take to sign him.

Beckham is coming off a torn ACL injury he suffered in the Super Bowl last February. Part of his meeting on Monday included him visiting with the Cowboys' medical team for a physical. But it does not appear as if Beckham will work out for the Cowboys, or any team, before signing. When asked if Jones was comfortable in signing a player coming off an injury without getting to work him out, he was quick to respond.

"I'm not confident at all," Jones said of that specific scenario. "That's the issue. We've got a good bead on that. We've got a great read on his career. It has to be addressed and that's when you see if you can make a deal or not."

Jones said that Beckham's availability for the 2022 season is "paramount" but wouldn't speculate just how much the wide receiver would be able to contribute.

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