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Offseason | 2023

Mailbag: What's Taking So Long For CeeDee's Deal? 


What is the hold up in signing CeeDee Lamb to an extension? He is entering Year 4 and they have picked up his fifth-year option, so what are they waiting for? If they extend him now, think of the low cap hits compared to what his cap hits will be in two years. The price only goes up. Give Lamb that massive contract now and make everyone happy for the next several years.– Tom Collins/Heartland, TX_

Nick Eatman: The holdup is that they don't have to. That's really the biggest "issue" of this whole thing, and the same goes with Diggs, Dak and of course, Parsons, who isn't eligible for a new deal until after the season anyway. But Stephen Jones has said it many times, "deadlines make deals." And right now, there is no real deadline for the Cowboys. Remember this, they're going to get $10.1 million back on the books on June 1, so that will definitely help with any deal they're going to get done. But let's also not forget that there are two sides to this. CeeDee Lamb is coming off another Pro Bowl season and was a second-team All-Pro with a season that was the third-best in Cowboys history in terms of receptions. So he's ready to get paid and he's probably seeking to be one of, if not the highest-paid receiver in the game. So it's not an easy deal to make, especially knowing the other big contracts that have to be paid. So I'm sure we will be at training camp in late July or August and there will be an announcement for one of these guys. But they're just not in a super hurry, especially with Lamb on the books through the 2025 season.

Mickey: Hey, easy to say when it's not your money, right. Remember, it takes two to tango, so this whole extension deal is not just based on what the Cowboys want to do. Lamb and his agent certainly have an asking price. Plus, there is not rush. His cap hit for the 2023 season is relatively low at $4.57 million. The importance of signing him to an extension increases in 2024 when the fifth year option the Cowboys already picked up becomes $17 million. There are other factors figuring into this situation, and I'm surprised you didn't first mention signing Trevon Diggs to an extension, which might be the Cowboys first priority since he is entering the final year of his four-year, rookie deal, and as we know players and their agents don't like playing on the final year of a contract. Patience my friend.

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