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Mick Shots: Pausing For Some Sporty Reflections

As the NFL hits the pause button, know the Cowboys will open the 2019 season, the 60th in franchise history, in 81 days.
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Spagnola: This Really Is Nothing New With Dak

Does everyone actually realize the high level Dak Prescott played at the final eight games of the 2018 season?
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Mick Shots: Starting To Kick Things Around

In honor of the FIFA Women’s World Cup, let’s kick a few things around. In fact, let’s start with kicker.
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Spagnola: Don’t Forget The ‘Warrior’ In Tank

Welcome to the “flavor of the week” time of the offseason, this period canvassing nine OTA workouts and next week’s three-day mandatory minicamp.
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Mick Shots: A Whole Bunch To Smile About

Here is some good news emanating from The Star after three weeks and nine OTA practices, where seldom has been heard a discouraging word.
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Spagnola: This Team Sure Is Picking Up Speed

From just last to this year, this Dallas Cowboys football team has grown faster. Offense. Defense. Special teams. Team speed.
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Mick Shots: Witt’s Return; Starr Remembered

A Bart Starr memory, Jason Witten's mindset as the returning tight end prepares for a 16th Cowboys season, and much more. 
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Spagnola: Here’s Something You Need To Know

Morse so than the ninth-year veteran wide receiver simply chose the Dallas Cowboys to sign that one-year, $5 million free-agent contract, stuffed with more money-making incentives.
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Mick Shots: Now We’re Talkin’ Some Football

Good times out here at The Star/Ford Center on Wednesday.
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Surgeries To Limit 9 Off-Season Participations

Here is an update on players undergoing off-season surgeries and their projected availability for the OTAs. 
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Spagnola: Dak Knows No Land Of Good Enough

Of course, Dak Prescott was going to win the home run derby. Just another illustration of this guy’s unquenchable thirst to improve.
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Mick Shots: Non-Game Season In Full Swing

Can’t wait for next week. OTAs, formally known as Organized Team Activities, three-day-a-week workouts for three weeks, begin.
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Spagnola: Quite A WR Journey Coming Home

Watching Friday’s first rookie minicamp practice, for some reason made me think back to about this time last year, like roughly 13 months ago.
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Mick Shots: Taking Out The Driver On This Day

Don’t let a deluge of rain completely wash out the Dallas Cowboys Annual Sponsors Appreciation Golf Classic.
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Spagnola: Braking For Premature Assumptions  

Come on now, can we just tap the brakes? My gosh, the draft is barely a week old and already there is suggestions – expectations being circulated out there – about the state of the roster.
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Mick Shots: Draft Leftovers; A Lost Voice

There’s always a few things that fall through the cracks in the heat of the three-day moment, creating warmed up shots four days later.
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Spagnola: Unlocking The Key To Dak Friendly

Let’s go back to about this time last year, where all of a sudden, after a 9-7 season that crumbled under the weight of Ezekiel Elliott’s six game suspension, the term Dak Friendly reached universal popularity.
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Gut Feeling: Debating Cowboys’ Best Day 3 Pick 

So that’s a wrap on the final day of the NFL Draft. The Cowboys added six players – two more than expected – to finish with eight total picks.
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Gut Feeling: Biggest Surprise - Hill or McGovern?

After a long wait, the Cowboys made two picks on Friday, addressing both sides of the offensive line. 
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Spagnola: Just Doing The Absolute Right Thing

Can’t say I ever knew who he was if happened to watch a Central Florida football game. Never watched any tape of the 6-3, 308-pound defensive tackle. Never met the guy.
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