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Spagnola: There's No Time To Smell The Roses

First, Cowboys new head coach Mike McCarthy on Thursday pointed out that since he walked off the helicopter a week ago Wednesday, he has not been outside. 
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Mick Shots: Two Out Of Four Halls Ain't Bad

Sweet that Cliff Harris has finally been selected as a long-overdue Hall of Famer for the Class of 2020.
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Spagnola: No Head-Coaching Honeymoon Here

This might be Mike McCarthy’s highest hurdle taking this Dallas Cowboys head coaching job, dealing with these immediate lofty expectations.
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Mick Shots: Talk About Living Right These Days

Jerry Jones has never liked the word lucky. Has always gone out of his way to explain good fortune and fortuitous. 
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Spagnola: Jason Stood Tall During Crazy Ride

This is the Jason Garrett I knew, maybe you wished you knew, too.
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Spagnola: Can't Understand Woody's Exclusion

As we continue to wait on Cowboys owner Jerry Jones to bring some clarity to the Jason Garrett situation, as of late Friday afternoon, let’s go chew on something else for the time being.
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Mick Shots: Y'all Want Jerry To Shake A Leg

So we hurry up and wait.
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Spagnola: And In The End, Just Not Good Enough

The epitaph for the 2019 Dallas Cowboys season will read something like this, however painful that might be.
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Spagnola: A Few Bad Plays Spoiling Season

So close, yet so far.
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Gut Feeling: Predicting 2 Games This Weekend

The Cowboys have to win and get some help. That’s really what the season has come down to in the final week of the season. Is this it, or do the Cowboys have more to play beyond Sunday?
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Merry Shots: Of LVE, Worst Fears And Gifts

First of all, Happy Holidays, before we take some shots here.
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Spagnola: Enough To Bring Everyone To Tears

Up and down, up and down, up and down, then way up, beating up on those Rams last Sunday and then way, way down. Maybe for the last time.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Eagles

When the schedule came out, it was wildly predicted that the NFC East would come down to this game on Sunday. And here we are, with the Cowboys having a chance to win back-to-back division titles.
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Spagnola: Chance To Make Up For Lost Games

Time to make amends for that terrible loss to the New York Jets, 24-22, giving up a 92-yard touchdown pass of all things one play after failing to pick up a first down on fourth-and-1 at the Jets’ 7-yard line.
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Mick Shots: Might As Well Be Playoff Sunday

Playoffs? Somehow former Saints coach Jim Mora’s one-word exasperation still sticks in my mind.
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Spagnola: Maybe, Could Be, We'll Soon Find Out

Welcome back, welcome back, welcome back Cowboys.
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Spagnola: No Need To Overthink Any Of This

Jason Witten was fed up. He had his fill of these esoteric questions, you know the ones dealing in intangibles.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Rams

While the Cowboys and Rams are on two different streaks heading into Sunday’s game, the desperation level should be the same as they fight for a playoff spot. Check out this week’s gut feeling predictions from the staff. 
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Mick Shots: Here Come The Rams Running In

Yep, those Rams who duded the Cowboys in last year’s playoffs, 30-22, at Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum littered heavily with Cowboys fans.
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Spagnola: Playoffs Still In Realm Of Possibilities

They own but a 6-7 record, their worst record since sitting 4-9 after 13 games during the mostly Romo-less 2015 season.
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