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Spagnola: Travis Knew When To Walk Away

At first blush, my jaw dropped. Travis Frederick is going to retire?
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Spagnola: Checking Off Top Priorities One By One

Not bad, so far, just three days into this free agency.
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Mick Shots: Can't Make Up Entertainment Like This

Should have produced Wednesday Night Football – As The NFL Turns, and promoted the telecast as “the best, most authentic reality TV show in the business."
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Spagnola: When Our World Comes To A Standstill

Just when you think you’ve seen it all …
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Mick Shots: Playing After Midnight Waiting Game

Maybe the NFL should employ a little Eric Clapton at 12 a.m. Sunday when this unintentional activity pause will be lifted.
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Spagnola: Not So Fast When Writing Off Byron

What about Byron?        You know, Byron Jones, cornerback, a Pro Bowler at that during the 2018 season.
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Mick Shots: Clock Is Ticking On Solving Riddle

We are now eight days away from the presumed tagging deadline to reserve right of first refusal for potential free agents on March 12, with a franchise designation and/or transition one, but all that depending on if the NFL is entering the final year of the current CBA on March 18.
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Spagnola: It's All About The Team, The Team

Let’s bring some clarity to these sometimes confusing times this time of year.
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Mick Shots: A Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On

All right, here we go, the non-game season is in full swing. Combine. CBA. Contracts. To tag or not to tag. Cuts. Salary cap. Free agency on the seeable horizon.
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Spagnola: Staking Out List Of Priority Needs

We all have household priorities, what we want to spend our money on, unless you’re willing to enter into serious debt.
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Mick Shots: This Coming Right From Witt's Mouth

Learned four things for certain out here Tuesday night prior to the Jason Witten Collegiate Man of the Year Award banquet.
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Mick Shots: Full NFL Timeout Now In Progress

Somewhat of a lull in the action now. The Super Bowl is over. So is the parade.
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Spagnola: Don't Forget These Dak Bottom Lines

If we saw this once during Super Bowl week, and continuing into this week, bet we’ve seen it at least 100 times.
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Mick Shots: Let's Tap Those Dynasty Brakes

Here we go again, predictably.
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Spagnola: Going 8-8 Real Hard To Swallow

Jason Garrett must be sitting in an East Rutherford, N.J., office scratching his head, wondering, How did I wind up here?
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Mick Shots: Running Around Old School Style

Prior to the start of the 2019 season, there were all these cries about the conservative Cowboys offense. That they didn’t throw the ball enough. That they ran far too many times on first down. That the Cowboys were not near exotic enough.
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Spagnola: There's No Time To Smell The Roses

First, Cowboys new head coach Mike McCarthy on Thursday pointed out that since he walked off the helicopter a week ago Wednesday, he has not been outside. 
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Mick Shots: Two Out Of Four Halls Ain't Bad

Sweet that Cliff Harris has finally been selected as a long-overdue Hall of Famer for the Class of 2020.
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Spagnola: No Head-Coaching Honeymoon Here

This might be Mike McCarthy’s highest hurdle taking this Dallas Cowboys head coaching job, dealing with these immediate lofty expectations.
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Mick Shots: Talk About Living Right These Days

Jerry Jones has never liked the word lucky. Has always gone out of his way to explain good fortune and fortuitous. 
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