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Mick Shots: Just Can't Stop Talkin' Dak Contracts

Short of coming to terms on a long-term deal, Dak Prescott at some point definitely was going to sign the exclusive franchise tag tender the Cowboys issued him to reserve his rights during the 2020 free-agency season.
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Spagnola: No Messin' Around On These Corners

No strength and conditioning program. No in-person first team meeting. No on-field teaching sessions. No rookie minicamp. No OTAs. No team-wide minicamp.
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Mick Shots: Let's Not Try To Mask The Problem

Come on, no you are not. That reportedly more than Ezekiel Elliot, but less than five Cowboys have tested positive for COVID-19? Was inevitable. Will be inevitable as we go forward.
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Spagnola: Once Again Change Is In The Air

Swirling demonstrations. Seems these have been going on during my lifetime for the past 60 years, screaming for change.
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Mick Shots: Herding Them Around This McCoy

Tell you what, and not sure when this will take place, but the Cowboys can’t get Gerald McCoy in the locker room at The Star soon enough.
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Spagnola: Visions Of 2011 Are Dancing Overhead

First essential workers, numbering no more than 75, back in.
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Mick Shots: Longing For The Ventura Highway

Well, that’s that for training camp.
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Spagnola: Pulling For This Latest Shooting Star

On the one hand, the Dallas Cowboys continue to draw hands of 21.
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Mick Shots: Starting To Sound A Lot Like Football

And a great day to do some shots from outdoors on the patio, for sure.
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Spagnola: This Surgery Stuff Definitely No Joke

For five days, this constantly went running through my mind, certainly causing my blood pressure to rise.
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Mick Shots: Some Encouragement Moving Forward

Maybe for a change these days, we have some unaccustomed good news moving forward.
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Spagnola: New QB Journey Same As Old One

Seriously, might it be possible for the Cowboys to catch quarterback lightning in a bottle for the second time within a 20-year period?
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Mick Shots: Looking Forward To NFL With Hope

Seemingly long gone is the NFL Draft process, and so, too, those mock five-point-however many.
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Spagnola: A Tradition Of Picking Schedules Apart

Under normal circumstances, and certainly there is nothing normal surrounding today’s circumstances, most of us can begin planning out our lives for the year the day the NFL officially announces the season’s schedule.
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Mick Shots: Luck Keeps Rolling Cowboys Way

Not quite sure how to explain some of this, how these personnel gifts just continue falling into the laps of the Dallas Cowboys.
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Mick Shots: Warming Up Some NFL Draft Leftovers

Well, all that went swimmingly well, didn’t it?
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Spagnola: Offense Capable Of Virtual Showtime

Come on 2020 season opener. Please start on time, by Sunday, Sept. 13.
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Gut Feeling: Best Day 3 Draft Pick?

So how did the Cowboys finish up this three-day NFL Draft? Our staff writers weighed in with their favorite Day 3 picks by the Cowboys on Saturday.
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Gut Feeling: Writers Grade Cowboys' Day 2 Choices

The DallasCowboys.com staff weighs in on the club’s most recent picks: cornerback Trevon Diggs (No. 51 overall) and defensive tackle Neville Gallimore (No. 82).
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Spagnola: CeeDee Never In Their Wildest Dreams

You kidding me?    CeeDee Lamb?    Seriously?
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