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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Bears

The Cowboys haven’t lost a Thursday night game in over 40 years. Does that matter for this week? Let’s find out what the staff writers think about this week’s game with the Bears.
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Spagnola: Bearing Down On Keys To Success

That’s right, all week long, ever since that disheartening Thanksgiving Day loss to the Buffalo Bills, 26-15, felt like we’ve been in some NFL game of Jeopardy, the correct answer to these clues being provided is:
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Mick Shots: Only Winning Will Create Happy

There is a sign above the digital clock over the huge opening to the equipment room here in the Cowboys locker room that reads in big, bold, letters.
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Spagnola: This Loss Extremely Hard To Swallow

Not good enough. Not even close.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Bills

While Thanksgiving Day and “gut feelings” usually don’t go together, the Cowboys’ staff gives their final thoughts on Thursday’s game as the Bills come to AT&T Stadium with an 8-3 record. 
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Mick Shots: Time To Make Everyone Happy

Happy Thanksgiving? Er, maybe just, Thanksgiving.
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5 Thanksgiving Day Games We’ll Never Forget

Just like our writer, football fans around the country have grown up watching the Cowboys play on Thanksgiving.
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Spagnola: Imperfections Bogging Down Progress

The Cowboys had to be perfect.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Patriots

This is the game we’ve all been waiting for – Cowboys at Patriots. There has been plenty of talk that neither team has been tested much this year, but that will change Sunday. See what the writers think will happen on Sunday. 
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Spagnola: Time To Chase Those Boogeymen Away

We’re quite familiar with the Hot Boyz around here, the Dallas Cowboys’ self-celebrated defensive front, a group that needs to heat up down this final six-game stretch.
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Been A Long Time Since Winning In New England

So time for a little history lesson with the Cowboys facing the New England Patriots at Gillette Stadium Sunday afternoon.
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Mick Shots: Excitement Building Off The Charts

The 6-4 Cowboys vs. the 9-1 Patriots, certainly creating an air of excitement in these parts.
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Spagnola: ’Bout Time To Arrive At Closing Time

Finally, at last, 10 games into the season and the Cowboys closed out a game.
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Spagnola: Must Turn The Tables On Close Calls

None of this makes sense, none of it. The numbers just don’t add up.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Lions

Can the Cowboys find a way to right the ship in Detroit? Find out what the staff writers think about Sunday’s game with their “Gut Feeling” predictions. 
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Mick Shots: Trying To Be Somewhat Reasonable

Looks like it’s time for a few voices of reason.
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Spagnola: Paying Once Again For Transgressions

 No team wants to hear that. No player wants to hear that. No coach wants to hear that.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Vikings

The Cowboys are looking for a third straight win but the Vikings are standing in the way and bring to town some familiar faces. Find out what the staff writers think about Sunday’s matchup with Minnesota. 
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Spagnola: On Your Mark, Get Set, Go … Now

These are the Minnesota Viking running into AT&T Stadium Sunday night.
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A Pass and a Prayer: History of The Hail Mary

After Roger Staubach completed his desperation throw to Drew Pearson to win the Cowboys’ 1975 playoff game at Minnesota, he coined one of the most popular phrases in all of sports, the Hail Mary.
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