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Sam Williams on Crash: 'I Could've Been Gone'


Life flashed before Sam Williams' eyes only days before Christmas Day, but he was able to leave the scene of a major accident on Thursday and clear concussion protocol on Monday

FRISCO, TX — Sam Williams has cleared concussion protocol and is expected to return to practice for the Dallas Cowboys on Monday, as the team starts a rapid-fire week of preparation before traveling to Nashville on Wednesday to face the Tennessee Titans on Thursday.

Williams, 23, was driving his 2022 Chevrolet Corvette Z06 on Thursday when he was sideswiped by another motorist, totalling both vehicles. Both drivers were transported to a local hospital for precautionary reasons, but released, though Williams would later be ruled out of the Christmas Eve matchup against the Eagles with a neck strain and concussion.

On Monday, wearing several bruises on his face from the collision and the deployed airbag, the rookie second-round pick spoke for the first time publicly about the accident.

"My first thing was like, 'Thank you God,' said an insightful Williams. "It could've been worse. I was thinking about my son a lot, and his mom. I could've been gone that fast, without seeing them to say goodbye.

"I was going home to them — like five or six minutes from my house."

The fact it occurred only three days before Christmas truly drives home his point, and photos of the Corvette readily reveal just how disastrous the outcome could've been; and particularly if Williams wasn't wearing his seat belt (but, he was).

"I look back over it and I'm just thankful for life," he said. "And Christmas was [near] and the biggest gift we have is life. You never know so I encourage everyone to hug your loved ones. Any dispute you have with family members, anything, just end it because you never know when That Day is, and me going through that, I called my mama and family members — everybody to check on them.

"That was an accident, but there are more things going on in the world and I'm just thankful that I'm still here. You're looking at the [totaled] car like, man, but God works in mysterious ways. I know He has something in store for me."

Williams' family and the Cowboys alike are all thrilled the situation wasn't worse for anyone involved, and the team is welcoming him back to practice with open arms. And not simply because he's been one of the more impactful players this season, despite it being just his first year in the league, but because his positivity and overall energy is infectious in the best possible way.

It is expected he'll be on the field at Nissan Stadium on Thursday, barring any setbacks.

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