Short Week Could Actually Benefit Cowboys Now


Usually, there's a 24-hour rule that NFL teams implement following wins or losses. Regardless of the outcome, whether it's dwelling on a defeat or celebrating a victory, it lasts about 24 hours after the game is over and it's time to move on.

But there's always exceptions – and in this case it's probably a great thing for the Cowboys.

The annual Thanksgiving Day game is upon us and the Cowboys have a quick turnaround as usual. After their 19-9 loss to the Chiefs, getting back on the field as quickly as possible is probably the best thing for this team.

"I would say it's a good (week) to get this taste out of our mouth," said guard Connor McGovern. "We get back and right into it in four days. I think it will be a good turnaround."

And that's the approach from the mental standpoint, something receiver Michael Gallup pointed out as well.

"Make sure you get your mentals right, especially after you've taken a loss like that," Gallup said. "Make sure you come back and move on. We have a game in, what, (four) days? You just have to move on."

But from a physical standpoint, it can be easier said than done, especially considering the Cowboys dealt with even more injuries in Kansas City, including CeeDee Lamb having a concussion and Donovan Wilson suffering a shoulder injury. Ezekiel Elliott also had both a knee and ankle issue during the game but said he expects to be back on the field Thursday.

As for Lamb and Wilson, it will be a wait-and-see approach.

But all of the players, whether they were on the injury report or not, will have to get their bodies ready for the turnaround as well as the Raiders coming to town for the 3:25 p.m. kickoff on Thursday at AT&T Stadium.

"It's another week, it's another opponent," veteran pass-rusher Tarell Basham said. "We just have to prepare for them as best as possible. Do your research, get a game plan together and try to get your bodies ready to go out there and execute, turning around from a Sunday game to a Thursday game."

Whether or not players on this team have played in the Thanksgiving Day game before, most of them are used to a Thursday-game format.

"You hit your recovery as hard as you possibly can," said safety Jayron Kearse. "We're back at it Thursday to try to get us a win and get this thing back rolling how it needs to be rolling."

Currently, the Cowboys seem to be "rolling" in the wrong direction, especially after losing two of their last three games, both to AFC teams. And here comes another one Thursday with the Raiders.

The Cowboys have lost three games this year. After the Week 1 defeat at Tampa Bay, they reeled off six straight wins. Then after losing to Denver on Nov. 7, they came back and blew out the Falcons by 40 points. And now after this loss, let's see how they respond again.

"This team is very good at moving forward and staying neutral," receiver Cedrick Wilson said. "That's what we have to do. We had a great game last week, then we came out here and got the short end of the stick. That's just how football rolls."

Quarterback Dak Prescott said once again that the Cowboys can and must figure out a way to learn from the loss.

"I'm not worried about how this team is going to respond," Prescott said. "As long as I'm a part of this team, quarterbacking this offense, that's the least of my worries is how we're going to respond. We're a resilient bunch. (The Chiefs) and their atmosphere got the best of us (Sunday). It's part of the game. We'll be better because of it."

And we'll get to find out sooner rather than later.

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