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Time for changes? Jerry Jones has emphatic answer


FRISCO, Texas – Without a doubt, Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones is expecting a big change in the results from what he saw in the last game his team played.

But in no means is he looking to making sweeping changes in the personnel to get there.

Speaking on his regular Tuesday morning radio segment on 105.3 "The Fan" in Dallas, Jones had more of a business-like approach to the call after his team's 42-10 loss to the 49ers.

And when he was asked – more than once – about possible changes on the horizon, including with the offense and the play-calling, Jones made it clear this isn't the time for such movement.

"Should we change at this juncture back to where we were last year? No we should not," Jones said when asked specifically about the new offense. "We should go with the things that we've been working on and recognize we had a very bad outing and call it what it was. But to sit here and say we should change out the towels, that's not even in the cards … and it's really ridiculous. And first of all, you couldn't really do it if you wanted to – reinvent your offense at this time."

Ironically enough, the Cowboys are going to face the same offense they ran last year with Kellen Moore, who is now the offensive coordinator and play-caller with the Chargers, who will host the Cowboys on Monday night in Los Angeles.

Now, Jones was adamant about his support for his head coach Mike McCarthy and quickly shot down any notion that he should perhaps give up the play-calling to offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer. He also was pretty clear about his non-wavering stance on Dak Prescott.

"I completely believe we have the quarterback that can take us where we want to go," Jones said. "Dak Prescott is a quarterback that can get us to the Super Bowl. And that's the way that's going to be."

Now, Jones is expecting some kind of changes against the Chargers this week, mainly in the preparation and hopefully the execution.

"Can we do some things different than we did against the 49ers? Do we have the plyers do we have the systems in place? Can we do something different. Yes we can. We can certainly make those adjustments. And we will make the adjustments."

Jones called the 49ers loss "very disappointing" and added "it was a stunner."

The Cowboys' 32-point loss was the highest margin of defeat for his team since a 49-17 loss to the Saints in 2013. The Cowboys had a bye week after that game but won their next two games after that loss.

"We've got to approach the thing from a piece-by-piece, put our head downs and step out there and go to work," Jones said. "But we're not going to have a better chance to go to work than we do against the Chargers Monday night."

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