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UDFA Profile: Blazing Speed Propels Bell's Potential


Over the next weeks, dives deeper into the talented group of undrafted rookies that will battle for a roster spot this offseason.

  • Name: Marquese Bell
  • Position: Safety
  • Height: 6-2
  • Weight: 212
  • School: Florida A&M (SWAC - FCS)
  • Awards & Recognition: 2021 First Team All-American, 2021 First Team All-SWAC

The Good: Blazing speed and quick recognition skills lead the way. Bell's 4.41 40-yard-dash is apparent on film when he roams over the top of a defense. Has a nose for the football and is not afraid to pick up a route over the middle or force a receiver to the sideline. Gets great depth out of his breaks and doesn't waste a ton of movement while changing direction. While his stats didn't jump off the page in 2021 as opposed to 2019, he steadily improved the fundamentals of his game.

The Project: Bell doesn't come with a whole lot of power to his frame. He'll shy away from contact and side-step his tackles against the bigger running backs. Because of this, his tackling profile is average at best. He'll have to either bulk up or get used to the physicality of the NFL level. In the passing game, his eyes get locked in the backfield and is susceptible to good play action. Had him beat over the top a few times in his final collegiate season.

The Summary: As a high school athlete, Bell bounced between the roles of quarterback, wide receiver, and star defensive back at Bridgeton High School in New Jersey. After starting his career at Maryland, Bell made a quick stop at Coffeyville Community College in Kansas before starting a three-year career with Florida A&M. He shined as a free safety from the jump with 14 pass breakups and five interceptions in his first full season.