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UDFA Profile: USC Corner Fits Dan Quinn Prototype 


Over the next weeks, dives deeper into the talented group of undrafted rookies that will battle for a roster spot this offseason.

  • Name: Isaac Taylor-Stuart
  • Position: Cornerback
  • Height: 6-1
  • Weight: 201
  • School: USC (Pac 12)

The Good: Taylor-Stuart is a Dan Quinn type of prospect. Length accompanied by rare speed with a 77-inch wingspan and a 4.42 40-yard dash. The USC product could easily be compared to the type of cornerbacks Quinn has been known to succeed with in the past. Not only is he quick in a straight line, but his change of direction is a plus to his game as well. There are instances on tape, where he'll have to travel a long way, but still breaks up the pass thanks to his athleticism.

The Project: Those times where he's so far from the ball, are because he is a raw talent with below average technique. Never posted good numbers over his career and instead went downhill in his production as he went along. Gave up the worst yards per catch numbers in the Pac 12 this past season (16.9). His tackling is not great, but its always tougher running from behind defenders than it would be over the top. If he fixes the technique, I expect tackling improvement to follow.

The Summary: With the right coaching situation, and the right work ethic as a young professional, Taylor-Stuart has a chance to grow into a role quickly. His traits and athleticism can't be taught and is already good enough to succeed. His technique on the other hand, while it may be lacking, can be taught. It's up to the Cowboys defensive staff with Dan Quinn and defensive backs coach Al Harris to get it out of him.