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Videos - November 2019

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2019-11-01 Cover 4: How they get the MNF W? 
2019-11-01 Tank Lawrence Says, "Be Like Dave" | #DALvsNYG
2019-11-01 Jason Garrett Show: New Faces
2019-11-01 Special Edition: Picking Up Where They Left Off?
2019-11-01 Jason Garrett: It's Important To Win Division Games
2019-11-01 Cowboys Break: Finally Healthy?
2019-11-01 Hangin' with the Boys: Game Picks with Dorrough
2019-11-01 Trick or Treat at The Star in Frisco | 2019
2019-11-01 Kellen Moore: Who We Are
2019-11-01 Jason Witten: ‘This Is What I Wanted To Do’
2019-11-01 Amari Cooper: Feeling Healthy
2019-11-01 Cowboys Rewind: New York State of Mind
2019-11-02 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For NYG; Injury Updates
2019-11-04 Cowboys Roundtable: NYC Style
2019-11-05 Pregame Live - #DALvsNYG | 2019
2019-11-05 D-Law TANKS Through for Sack on Daniel Jones
2019-11-05 Tony Pollard Gives a Face Full of Stiff Arm on Run
2019-11-05 Cat Shows SPEED in 'MNF' Appearance
2019-11-05 Dak Prescott Finds Blake Jarwin For 42-Yard TD
2019-11-05 Xavier Woods Picks Off Daniel Jones
2019-11-05 Brett Maher Drills 52-Yard FG Heading into Halftime
2019-11-05 Jaylon Smith Throws Up the 'X' After Sack
2019-11-05 Daniel Jones Fumbles on 3rd-down Scramble
2019-11-05 OL Opens Massive Hole for Zeke's 19-Yard Run
2019-11-05 Xavier Woods Flagged For Sideline Scuffle
2019-11-05 Michael Gallup Shows Cat-Like Moves on TD Leap
2019-11-05 Dak Drives Fastball Throw to Cooper for 45-Yard TD
2019-11-05 Jourdan Lewis Turns Strip-Sack into 63-Yard TD
2019-11-05 Dak Prescott's Best Throws at Giants | Week 9
2019-11-05 Cowboys at Giants Highlights | Week 9
2019-11-05 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 9 at NYG
2019-11-05 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 9 at NYG
2019-11-05 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 9 at NYG
2019-11-05 Ezekiel Elliott: The Best It's Felt All Season
2019-11-05 First Word: Clawing Their Way Back
2019-11-05 Game Night: Second Half Domination
2019-11-05 Cowboys Post Game Show: A Much Better Result
2019-11-05 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys superan mal inicio ante Giants, 37-18
2019-11-05 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #DALvsNYG
2019-11-05 Cover 4: A Purrfect Victory Tuesday
2019-11-05 Talkin' Cowboys: Cat’s A Wrap
2019-11-05 Cowboys Break: Satisfied With the W?
2019-11-05 Hangin' with the Boys: Slow Starts & Fast Finishes
2019-11-05 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Giants
2019-11-05 Jason Garrett: Recapping The Win; Injury Updates
2019-11-06 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 9 at NYG | 2019
2019-11-06 Talkin' Cowboys: Turnovers In Bunches?
2019-11-06 Jason Garrett: It Starts Up Front
2019-11-06 Cowboys Insider: An Un-Fur-Gettable MNF Victory
2019-11-06 Cowboys Break: Battle of Backs
2019-11-06 DCC In Motion Vol.3 | 2019
2019-11-06 #PHIvsDAL Sideline Sweetheart: Christina | 2019
2019-11-06 DCC In Motion Vol.2 | 2019
2019-11-06 #GBvsDAL Sideline Sweetheart: Rachel | 2019
2019-11-06 #GBvsDAL GameDay Girl: Jaylen | 2019 
2019-11-06 #MIAvsDAL Sideline Sweetheart: Molly | 2019
2019-11-06 #TBvsDAL GameDay Girl: Bridget | 2019 
2019-11-07 Michael Gallup: Still Moving Up
2019-11-07 Zack Martin: A Huge Matchup
2019-11-07 Randall Cobb: Consistency Is The Key
2019-11-07 Cover 4: Minnesota Matchups To Note
2019-11-07 Thanksgiving Halftime Announcement | 2019
2019-11-07 Jason Garrett: What Makes Kirk Cousins Dangerous
2019-11-07 #AskTheBoys: What Comes Next
2019-11-07 Somos Cowboys Radio: Preparativos ante los Vikings
2019-11-07 Jason Witten: Toughest Test We’ve Had
2019-11-07 Kellen Moore: How To Overcome Slow Starts
2019-11-07 Dak Prescott: Haven’t Played Our Best Ball
2019-11-08 Antwaun Woods Says, "Be Like Dave" | #MINvsDAL
2019-11-08 Blueprint: Dallas Defense Against Dalvin
2019-11-08 Special Edition: Can 'Boys Go Three In A Row?
2019-11-08 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For MIN; Injury Updates
2019-11-08 Film Room: What’s Cooking This Week?
2019-11-08 Talkin' Cowboys: Final Predictions For SNF
2019-11-08 Cowboys Break: 3 in a Row?
2019-11-08 Hangin' with the Boys: Omar Epps is the Man
2019-11-08 Know Más: Joe Looney vs. Xavier Su'a-Filo
2019-11-10 Cowboys Madden Club Championship | 2019
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott 25-yard Strike Over Middle to Gallup
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott Finds Michael Gallup for 23-Yard TD
2019-11-11 Amari Cooper Shows Off His Toe-Drag Swag
2019-11-11 Robert Quinn Takes a Free Run to Sack Cousins
2019-11-11 Randall Cobb hauls in a 22-yard TD from Dak
2019-11-11 See Dak Prescott's Pregame 'Hip-Whip' Routine
2019-11-11 Amari Cooper Shows Off on ImpressiveToe-Tap TD!
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott Avoids Sack & Hits Amari Cooper
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott Darts 20-Yard Dime to Randall Cobb
2019-11-11 Unfazed By Blitz, Dak Prescott fires to Cooper
2019-11-11 Cowboys vs Vikings Highlights | Week 10
2019-11-11 First Word: Cowboys Come Up Short Again
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott's Best Throws vs Vikings | Week 10
2019-11-11 Every Amari Cooper Catch vs Vikings | Week 10
2019-11-11 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 10 vs MIN
2019-11-11 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 10 vs MIN
2019-11-11 Jason Witten: We Had A Lot of Confidence
2019-11-11 Game Night: Still Not Enough
2019-11-11 Locker Room Reaction: Beating Ourselves
2019-11-11 Amari Cooper: Lack of Execution
2019-11-11 Brad & Babe Post Game Show: Falling Behind Early
2019-11-11 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys pierden ante los Vikings
2019-11-11 Cover 4: Who’s To Blame for Vikings Loss?
2019-11-11 Talkin' Cowboys: Key Decisions Late?
2019-11-11 Cowboys Break: Dissecting the Calls
2019-11-11 Hangin' with the Boys: Cook In Their Kitchen
2019-11-11 Jason Garrett: We Didn't Do A Good Enough Job
2019-11-12 Cowboys Hour: Byron Jones & Anthony Brown
2019-11-12 Xavier Su’a-Filo: Ready At Any Moment
2019-11-12 Michael Bennett: It’s an Honor
2019-11-12 Cover 4: What’s their identity?
2019-11-12 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 10 vs MIN | 2019
2019-11-12 Talkin' Cowboys: Reasons For Optimism?
2019-11-12 Cowboys Break: Levels of Concern
2019-11-12 Cadena de Plata Radio: Grandes jugadas de los WRs #MINvsDAL
2019-11-12 Player's Lounge: What Went Wrong vs Minnesota?
2019-11-13 Cover 4: Final Record For This Team?
2019-11-13 Jason Garrett: Moving Past The Slow Starts
2019-11-13 Talkin' Cowboys: Missed Opportunities
2019-11-13 Cowboys Break: Turning the Page
2019-11-13 Hangin' with the Boys: Country Strong
2019-11-13 Tavon Austin: Done Talking About It
2019-11-13 Travis Frederick: Share The Accountability
2019-11-13 Jaylon Smith: They Were More Consistent
2019-11-13 Ezekiel Elliott: Eliminate Those Errors
2019-11-14 Happy Hour: DeMarcus Ware
2019-11-14 Playmake-Her: All About Marketing
2019-11-14 Jason Garrett: There is Always Room to Improve
2019-11-14 Talkin' Cowboys: Stats Not The Whole Story?
2019-11-14 #AskTheBoys: Stop Lion
2019-11-14 Cowboys Break: Has Defense Regressed? 
2019-11-14 Hangin' with the Boys: Don’t Get Off This Train
2019-11-14 Kellen Moore: We're Driving The Ball
2019-11-14 Jason Witten: Still Believe In Each Other
2019-11-14 Dak Prescott: We’re Continuing to Get Better
2019-11-15 Cover 4: How the Cowboys Roar Back? 
2019-11-15 Special Edition: Bouncing Back Against Lions? 
2019-11-15 Blueprint: Overcoming Inconsistency
2019-11-15 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For DET; Injury Updates
2019-11-15 Cowboys Break: Final Predictions 
2019-11-15 Hangin' with the Boys: Bring on the Blitz
2019-11-15 Somos Cowboys TV: Preparativos para el juego ante los Lions
2019-11-15 Somos Cowboys Radio: Camino hacia Detroit
2019-11-17 Pregame Live - #DALvsDET | 2019
2019-11-17 Michael Gallup Shows Impressive Body Control
2019-11-17 Dak Finds Tony Pollard for Shifty TD Catch & Run
2019-11-17 Michael Gallup Goes Up to Grab Bobbled Deep Ball
2019-11-17 Ezekiel Elliott Burrows into the End Zone for TD
2019-11-17 Randall Cobb Holds onto 19-yard TD Snag
2019-11-17 Randall Cobb Tears Through D For 49-Yard Catch
2019-11-17 Randall Cobb Reels off 33 Yards on Elusive Catch
2019-11-17 Amari Cooper Nabs OUTSTANDING Sideline Snag
2019-11-17 Ezekiel Elliott Does 'The Dak' Dance After TD
2019-11-17 Tony Pollard Fights Through Traffic for 2 Points
2019-11-17 Cowboys at Lions Highlights | Week 11
2019-11-17 Every Michael Gallup Catch at Lions | Week 11
2019-11-17 Dak Prescott's Best Throws at Lions | Week 11
2019-11-17 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #DALvsDET
2019-11-17 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 11 at DET
2019-11-17 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 11 at DET
2019-11-17 Ezekiel Elliott: Everyone Is Contributing
2019-11-17 Locker Room Reaction: WR's on Beating the Lions
2019-11-17 Locker Room Reaction: Defense on Beating Detroit
2019-11-17 First Word: Revving Up?
2019-11-18 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys sacan la victoria contra los Lions
2019-11-18 Cover 4: What Made Them Daktorious in Detroit?
2019-11-18 Talkin' Cowboys: Dak for MVP?
2019-11-18 Radio Heads: Changing Their Identity?
2019-11-18 Jason Garrett: Final DET Recap; Injury Updates
2019-11-18 Cowboys Flashback: Time to Start Stacking Wins
2019-11-18 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 11 at DET | 2019
2019-11-19 Cover 4: Is Dak Prescott Elite?
2019-11-19 Talkin' Cowboys: Everson Walls Edition
2019-11-19 Cowboys Break: MVP Talk for Dak?
2019-11-19 Hangin' with the Boys: Offense They Haven't Seen
2019-11-19 Player's Lounge: So What Happens Next?
2019-11-20 Wingstop Player's Food Truck | 2019
2019-11-20 Zeke & Cowboys Feed Friends in DFW
2019-11-20 Cover 4: Top Offense vs Top Defense
2019-11-20 Jason Garrett: Bennett's Impact on Defense
2019-11-20 Talkin' Cowboys: Statement Game?
2019-11-20 Cowboys Break: Blitzing Brady?
2019-11-20 Hangin' with the Boys: Give ’Em The Keys
2019-11-20 Análisis de Juego: Tom Brady y Danny Shelton
2019-11-20 Jeff Heath: I Would Have Loved To Play
2019-11-20 Randall Cobb: It's About Execution
2019-11-20 Leighton Vander Esch: It's Gonna Be Fun
2019-11-20 Travis Frederick: On The Same Page
2019-11-20 Ford Military VIP Experience | 2019
2019-11-21 Happy Hour: Patrick Crayton
2019-11-21 Cover 4: Bye, Bye Brady 
2019-11-21 Talkin' Cowboys: Key Pats Matchups
2019-11-21 Cowboys Break: That Patriots' D
2019-11-21 Hangin' with the Boys: We’re All Friends Here
2019-11-21 Kellen Moore: Good as Anyone in the League
2019-11-21 Kris Richard: 20 Years of Excellence
2019-11-21 Amari Cooper: Game-Specific Type of Defensive
2019-11-21 Dak Prescott: He’s the GOAT
2019-11-22 Cover 4: Who’s More of America’s Team?
2019-11-22 Blueprint: Top Offense & Defense Clash
2019-11-22 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For NE; Injury Updates
2019-11-22 Greatest Fans On Earth: Tattoo Mark
2019-11-22 Talkin' Cowboys: Who Wins The Chess Match?
2019-11-22 Cowboys Break: Picking Dallas?
2019-11-22 Film Room: Attacking New England's #1 Defense
2019-11-22 Cowboys Rewind: Not A Statement Game
2019-11-22 Special Edition: Can ‘Boys Upend Patriots?
2019-11-22 Hangin' with the Boys: We Need 32 minutes
2019-11-22 Blake Jarwin: They Don’t Make Mistakes
2019-11-22 Jason Garrett Show: Belichick & Brady's Excellence
2019-11-24 Robert Quinn STUFFS Brady on Strip-Sack
2019-11-24 Prescott Rips Throw to Gallup over the Middle
2019-11-24 Cowboys Swarm Tom Brady for Massive Loss
2019-11-24 Jeff Heath Jars Ball the from Dorsett on Big Hit
2019-11-25 Michael Bennett Gobbles up White in Backfield
2019-11-25 Randall Cobb Corrals His Own Fumble after Catch
2019-11-25 Brett Maher Drills 4th-quarter FG to Cut Pats' Lead
2019-11-25 First Word: Nothing Special in Foxborough
2019-11-25 Cowboys at Patriots Highlights | Week 12
2019-11-25 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 12 at NE
2019-11-25 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 12 at NE
2019-11-25 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 12 at NE
2019-11-25 Locker Room Reaction: Offense on Loss to NE
2019-11-25 Cowboys OT: Did The Special Teams Blow It?
2019-11-25 Locker Room Reaction: Defense on Loss to NE
2019-11-25 Cowboys Game Night: Special Teams Struggle
2019-11-25 Talkin' Cowboys: Hidden Yardage
2019-11-25 Cowboys Break: Decisions, Decisions
2019-11-25 Hangin' with the Boys: E. All of the Above
2019-11-25 Radio Heads: Costly Special Team Breakdowns
2019-11-26 Jason Garrett: Eyes Forward to the Next Game
2019-11-26 Jaylon Smith: We’ve All Turned The Page
2019-11-26 Cowboys Flashback: A Frustrating Loss
2019-11-26 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Patriots
2019-11-26 Cover 4: Where Are the Clutch Moments?
2019-11-26 Talkin' Cowboys: Talkin' Analytics
2019-11-26 Hangin' with the Boys: The Average Stay Average
2019-11-26 Zack Martin: Control Our Own Destiny
2019-11-26 Jourdan Lewis: You Defend Yourself By Winning
2019-11-26 Jeff Heath: Taking it Day By Day
2019-11-26 Ezekiel Elliott: Eager To Get Back Out There
2019-11-26 Salvation Army Check Presentation | 2019
2019-11-27 Cowboys Insider: Time To Be Special
2019-11-27 Cover 4: Cowboys to Feast Against the Bills?
2019-11-27 Jerry Jones Discuss Red Kettle Campaign & More
2019-11-27 Jason Garrett: Final Prep For BUF; Injury Updates
2019-11-27 Blueprint: Overdue Bills?
2019-11-27 Talkin' Cowboys: Back On Track?
2019-11-27 Cowboys Break: Must Win?
2019-11-27 Hangin' with the Boys: Let's Talk Turkey
2019-11-27 Somos Cowboys Radio: Preparación ante los Bills y problemas de entrenador
2019-11-27 Playmake-Her: Doing The Most Good
2019-11-27 Amari Cooper: Put My Best Foot Forward
2019-11-27 Joe Looney: Thankful All The Time
2019-11-27 La'el Collins: Play Physical, Play Hard
2019-11-27 Análisis de Juego: Cole Beasley y Shaq Lawson
2019-11-27 Film Room: Is Cole Beasley Still The Same Player?
2019-11-28 Cancer Hates Teamwork | 2019
2019-11-28 Canine Companions: Meet Puppy Dak | 2019
2019-11-28 Dak Throws Strike to Amari Cooper on First Play
2019-11-28 Jason Witten Catches TD on the Opening Drive
2019-11-28 Ezekiel Elliott Plows Past Bills on 30-Yard Run
2019-11-28 Cowboys Convert on 4th from Own 19-yard Line
2019-11-29 Dak Prescott Goes Long to Gallup for 35-Yards
2019-11-29 Dak Prescott Powers Through Tre' Davious White
2019-11-29 Ventell Bryant Score Late Cowboys Touchdown
2019-11-29 Jason Witten Catches Two-Point Conversion
2019-11-29 Jason Witten Makes Career Catch No. 1,200
2019-11-29 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 13 vs BUF
2019-11-29 Ezekiel Elliott: We're Pissed Off
2019-11-29 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 13 vs BUF
2019-11-29 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 13 vs BUF
2019-11-29 Cowboys vs Bills Highlights | Week 13
2019-11-29 First Word: Carved Up on Thanksgiving
2019-11-29 Locker Room Reaction: Defense on Loss to BUF
2019-11-29 Cowboys OT: Who Deserves the Blame?
2019-11-29 Cowboys Game Night: Backing Jason Garrett
2019-11-29 Somos Cowboys TV: Especial del Día de Acción de Gracias
2019-11-29 Jason Garrett Show: Time to Move Forward
2019-11-29 Special Edition: Not So Happy Thanksgiving
2019-11-29 Cowboys Rewind: Bested by the Buffalo Bills
2019-11-30 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 13 vs BUF | 2019