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Chuma Edoga bringing 'next man up' mentality


FRISCO, Texas — In place of Tyler Smith on Sunday night, fifth-year tackle Chuma Edoga made just his second start at left guard to open the season and had a strong performance after an offseason where the depth of the offensive line was consistently questioned as the biggest concern.

For Edoga – who found out on Friday that he would be starting – not only was it an opportunity to start the season opener, but it was also an opportunity to come full circle with the beginning of his career where it started at MetLife Stadium when he played with the New York Jets.

"I feel like there's always room for improvement, but yeah it was good to get out there with my second start at guard," Edoga said. "It's a new experience, a new position. Just getting used to it, getting in a groove and getting a good team win. Especially in a game like that at MetLife in a stadium I used to play in with the Jets. It's a full circle moment, it was great."

Head coach Mike McCarthy has had nothing but positive things to say about Edoga's performance this week, especially when he takes into account the position change and short notice.

"You gotta be really excited about his performance last week," McCarthy said. "To go in there on short notice and play the way he did, I thought he did a really nice job. I'm hoping with a week's work, he'll be ready to go again."

While most of Edoga's NFL experience has come at tackle, offensive line coach Mike Solari has expressed his confidence in Edoga being able to fill in anywhere on the offensive line which gave way to his first starting opportunity with the Cowboys.

"A lot of the same concepts, just stuff happens faster," Edoga said about the difference at guard. "Solari is always on me, I gotta know guard and tackle. Even center, you never know. You gotta be on top of it and looking in the playbook to make sure I'm on top of guard and tackle."

With Tyler Smith still battling injury leading into the week two matchup against the Jets, Edoga is remaining locked in if his name is called once again.

"You gotta be ready," he said. "In the NFL, it's next man up so you gotta stay ready for my team and for the brothers next to me. Whatever they need me to do, I'm gonna do it."

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