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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Bears

The Cowboys haven’t lost a Thursday night game in over 40 years. Does that matter for this week? Let’s find out what the staff writers think about this week’s game with the Bears.
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Bears Present A Hidden Matchup Problem

Two teams facing similar circumstances.
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Michael Bennett: Everyone Just Wants To Win

It doesn’t take a Super Bowl champion to figure these things out, but it carries some extra weight coming from a guy who’s been there.
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What Does Jerry Jones Need To See In December?

As long as the Cowboys sit on a losing streak, the questions about Jason Garrett will persist.
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Amari Cooper On Future: I Want To Be Here

The stretch run isn’t exactly the time to think about the big picture, but Amari Cooper was willing to indulge it just a bit.
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Mailbag: Where Is The Championship Window?

With a 6-6 record, are we closer to winning it all in a couple years, or blowing it all up and starting over?
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“Frustrated” Cowboys Get Back To Practice

The Cowboys might be out of the spotlight, but they are very much at work.
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Cowboys To Hold Kicker Workout For 3 Veterans

The Cowboys aren’t ready to make a change at the kicker position, but they’re willing to weigh their options.
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Jerry Jones Explains Why He Still Believes

It’s an old cliché, but it rings true on a night like tonight: you are what your record says you are. 
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Jerry Jones Not Making A Coaching Change

For clarity’s sake, Jerry Jones answered the burning question very bluntly.
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Gut Feeling: Predictions For Cowboys & Bills

While Thanksgiving Day and “gut feelings” usually don’t go together, the Cowboys’ staff gives their final thoughts on Thursday’s game as the Bills come to AT&T Stadium with an 8-3 record. 
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Cooper Draws Another Tough Task In CB Tre White

It’s understandable if you’re not up to date on the Buffalo Bills.
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Mailbag: Assessing Kellen Moore's First Season

In your assessment of first-year offensive coordinator Kellen Moore, what do you like and where would you like to see improvement in these last few games?
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Jerry Jones Weighs In On Analytics Debate

Analytics against conventional football wisdom: the debate rages on.
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Mailbag: Challenges Against The Bills?

In reviewing game film on the Bills, outside of Josh Allen, I see two players that could give us fits if we do not game plan for them properly: Jordan Phillips on defense and John Brown on offense. Thoughts?
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Antwaun Woods Out For Thursday With MCL Injury

The Cowboys will be without Antwaun Woods for Thursday’s game against Buffalo.
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November To Forget For Cowboys’ Special Teams

The Cowboys expressed optimism Monday that they can fix their beleaguered special teams, but it will require reversing a month-long tend.
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Mailbag: Why So Many Close Losses?

Last year we found a way to win a ton of close games. This year we haven’t been able to close out teams in the fourth quarter. What’s holding us back this year? Is it the level of competition? 
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Jones Doesn’t Hide Special Teams Frustrations

Jerry Jones was quick to praise Patriots coach Bill Belichick, who clearly game planned to take advantage of Cowboys special teams units that have lagged toward the bottom of the league all season.
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Pats Loss Just The Latest Missed Opportunity

You don’t often get NFL coaches, players or executives to consider the big picture. Not in a league where the week-to-week results are so important.
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