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Jayron Kearse, others awarded new number for 2023


FRISCO, Texas — With the roster now mostly set for the Dallas Cowboys, it's time for the team to announced jersey assignments, and that includes several players making a change as previously occupied numbers become vacated by waivers, releases and/or trade.

Kelvin Joseph falls into the latter category, having been traded to the Miami Dolphins on Tuesday in exchange for cornerback Noah Igbinoghene, freeing up the defensive assignment for No. 1, though it was also donned by kicker Brandon Aubrey in training camp.

As an aside, in camp, a number can be worn by both a defensive and an offensive player.

Here are the five number changes on the active roster:

Active Roster -

  • Jayron Kearse: 1
  • Brandon Aubrey: 17
  • Markquese Bell: 14
  • Hunter Luepke: 40
  • Noah Igbinoghene: 19

Aubrey won't be wearing No. 1 going forward, however, because it now belongs to safety Jayron Kearse — who was initially awarded the first-ever No. 0 earlier this offseason before those plans changed.

The practice squad has also been completely constructed in Dallas.

The 16 players who’ll occupy it are mostly familiar faces — 14 of them having been on the 90-man roster before cutdowns on Tuesday — and each of those 14 will retain their original number; and that means only the two incoming players will put on a new jersey (and number).

Practice squad -

  • Sean Harlow: 65
  • Willington Previlon: 94

With this bit of housekeeping now in order, it's time for the Cowboys to put the rubber to the road in their preparation to visit the New York Giants for the regular season opener on Sept. 10, in a divisional matchup that will set the tone early on for both teams in the race for the NFC East crown.

But as you're tracking who makes what plays for Dallas, be sure you have the jersey numbers updated because, no, that won't be Aubrey forcing a fumble on a Giants tight end.

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