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Offseason | 2023

Jayron Kearse to Wear No. 0 for Cowboys in 2023


Micah Parsons doesn't lose many battles nowadays, but in the short-lived tug-of-war regarding the right to wear the No. 0 in 2023, it's Jayron Kearse who is walking away victorious

FRISCO, TX — Contrary to what you've learned in math class, the number zero does symbolize something, or at least it does in the NFL going forward. The resolution for players to have permission to wear No. 0 in games was approved at the league meetings in Phoenix this week, which led to a friendly tug-of-war on Twitter between Micah Parsons and Jayron Kearse.

Both defensive stars for the Dallas Cowboys attempted to lay claim to the jersey change, but it's Kearse who'll get the last laugh — making good on his reply to Parsons' tweet about becoming "Agent 0" for the Dallas Cowboys.

"Too late," said Kearse to Parsons on Tuesday.

He was apparently correct, because Kearse has officially been awarded No. 0 for the 2023 season, changing from the No. 27, a number he's worn for his entire professional career save for the 2020 season spent with the Detroit Lions (he was No. 47 that year). From a historical standpoint, this will mark the first time ever that a Cowboys player will be awarded No. 0, and that alone is an impressive feat for Kearse.

He will forever lay claim to being the originator.

It's also as close as Kearse has come to donning his beloved No. 1, worn during his days at Clemson where he was launched onto the national stage as a two-time First-Team All-ACC talent.

"Somebody gon' head and cook up that edit for me," Kearse added, having seemingly already received swift approval for the jersey swap.

League rules require players to purchase the current inventory of their unsold jerseys prior to changing numbers, so it will not be an inexpensive decision by Kearse, though it's one he's extremely excited about as he recovers from offseason injury cleanup and prepares for his eighth season in the NFL and third with the Cowboys.

Kearse is easily one of the most impactful playmakers on defense, so when you see the opposing offense being divided by zero, don't hold it against your math teacher.

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