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Star Struck Diggs Lands On His Favorite Team


It has to be hard to impress the Diggs family. Trevon, the Cowboys' second-round draft pick, was a standout cornerback at Alabama where he won a national championship in 2018. His brother, Darez, played for the University of Alabama-Birmingham and in the XFL. And his other brother, Stefon, is one of the top receivers in the NFL who has made some of the most memorable plays in the past few years.

So, while getting drafted into the NFL was obviously going to be a big moment for Trevon, you might not have expected him to freeze up. But then Jerry Jones called.

"I was star struck," Diggs said of when the Cowboys selected him with the 51st overall pick. "That's Jerry Jones. Words can't explain it, the feeling when my heart kind of dropped."

Diggs' father passed away when Trevon was still an adolescent, but he still remembers spending time with him, and one specific connection made Friday night all the more special for him. "My dad was a Cowboys fan before he passed," he said. "I'm kind of living out his dream."

Stefon is five years older than Trevon and always looked out for his younger brother, including mentoring him through the process of entering the NFL.

"I relied on him a lot," Diggs said. "He went though everything. He is my father figure. I can talk to him any time of the day."

Stefon penned a moving letter to Trevon the day before the draft, which he narrated on Instagram. After Trevon was selected by the Cowboys, Stefon tweeted his excitement.

Between all the advice his brother has handed down to him and his time under Nick Saban at Alabama, Trevon feels he's prepared to come to the NFL and build a successful career. "As I was going through [the pre-draft process] I was like, 'OK, I have been here before. I know what to do.' There are a lot of things that we do in Alabama that carry over [to the NFL]."

One of those things that he says he's prepared to do is join the Cowboys' defense and force turnovers. A former wide receiver like his brother, he says he plans on attacking the ball.

"I don't want pass breakups. I want interceptions," he said.

If he's right, Diggs is the player Cowboys fans have been waiting for for quite a few years.

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