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Cleaning Up The QB-Center Exchange?


FRISCO, Texas – It's one of the most overlooked aspects of a football game, but it's one of the most crucial.

As forgettable as it might be most of the time, it becomes very noticeable, very quickly, when the center's snap is missing its mark.

"I know you've heard this — but the exchange is the one that's the most commonly taken for granted," said Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones on Tuesday. "It's really a serious part of how to win, how to be successful."

It's hard to find too many issues with a team's that's rolling into a Week 6 after four-straight wins, but it was easy to see that the Cowboys had some issues with their snaps against New York. The struggles between Tyler Biadasz and Dak Prescott were evident enough that Jones was asked about it in his weekly radio appearance, and he said it's something he's got his eye on.

"We've got to continue to be successful to make sure that exchange is as natural as Dak can make it and the center," Jones said.

Biadasz has faced criticism in the days since the game for a couple of errant snaps against the Giants, which Prescott had to reach to corral. A fumbled snap led to a second Dallas turnover in the final minute of the first quarter, though it's fair to say Prescott played a large role in that miscue.

"Yeah, that kind of rushed the whole snap to handoff mechanics and threw the ball away right there and just definitely can't do that," Prescott said after the game.

For his part, Biadasz said he tries his best not to let a previous play affect the next one.

"I didn't watch the film yet, but we'll get it straightened out," he said. "I talked to Dak for a second, and it's just the next play."

It's exactly the type of storyline that arises during a month-long win streak – not a monumental problem in a game the Cowboys won by 24 points, but certainly something they'd like to have cleaner as they prepare for future games – as Jones himself summarized perfectly.

"I'm not worried about it, but it certainly is something that you realize you shouldn't take for granted," he said.

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