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Jerry Frustrated About "Using Up Talented Players" 


Twice a week throughout the season, Cowboys owner/GM Jerry Jones has been a regular on 105.3 "The Fan," the team's flagship radio station.

And for the most part, Jones has been more than accommodating, sometimes playful and always optimistic when answering questions regarding his team.

Friday's interview, his first since the Cowboys' playoff loss to the 49ers, didn't hide Jones' frustration.

"This bunch, for themselves and obviously with our fans completely for them, we deserve better than that," Jones said on Friday. "You are what you are. We did deserve better than ending up this way. That's the way I feel today."

Jones was also asked directly to share his discussions with Mike McCarthy, regarding the head coach's future with the team.

"I won't get into any conversations that I've had with anybody relative to anything to do with the staff. I understand the interest in it, but there is nothing compelling me," Jones said. "I've got everyone under contract that I want under contract. And, so, that's where we are. We got 29 coaches, almost three coaches for almost every person on the field. So, I got a lot to think about with regards to these coaches. I got a lot regarding these scouts. I got a lot regarding various aspects of the organization."

Jerry even joked that things such as sunlight coming through the AT&T Stadium windows or the punt that hit the hanging video board rank about "10,000 on my list of things to worry about."

But as far as making changes to the personnel, especially to McCarthy, Jones later sounded as if the options to upgrade are limited – at least from his perspective.

"If I thought changing out men at any level would improve us, I would change it out," Jones said. "I've looked around. I see a lot of names, a lot of great names, a lot of names from colleges, a lot of great names. I see them coming through. I see a lot of great names at various duties in the NFL come and go over the last 30 years. I haven't seen but a couple of them that might have a straight shot into what's up above.

"Bottom line is, yes, I'm very, very, very frustrated and upset that we — you can call it COVID. You can call it anything. But we have used up some very talented players over the last few years."

While his frustration was evident, Jones still gave a vote of confidence for his quarterback, stating he still believes Dak Prescott has the talent and ability to win a Super Bowl.

"Yes, I sure do," Jones said. "He has shown every time he's ever gotten in a position, he's shown that he is a winner in football. He's shown that every time he's ever had the chance to. And, as you well know, especially at that position, it's hard to pinpoint the skill that makes it happen. It's hard to pinpoint that. But Dak Prescott has the skill to make it happen."

And it's the players such as Dak that will give Jerry that optimism once again. But for now, it's clear the Cowboys owner isn't too happy that this team, one that won 12 games, isn't playing this weekend in the Divisional round.

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