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Countdown: Emmitt Smith's First Shining Moment


As we count down to the start of a new season, we'll focus on the exact number of days before the Sept. 11 opener against the Bucs.

Today, we will continue with 48 daysuntil the start of the season.

The Play: Week 12 of the 1990 season included one of the early shining moments of Emmitt Smith's legendary career. With time winding down in the fourth quarter, the 5-7 Cowboys were looking to run out the clock on a victory over Washington and hold on to a three-point lead. A young Smith had other plans as he squeezed through the line of scrimmage and put future Hall of Famer Darrell Green on skates for a 48-yard touchdown run. It was the longest touchdown run of his AP Rookie of the Year season.

The 2022 season is getting closer and closer. For the next 100 days, we will count down to the Sept. 11 opener with a daily tribute to each number.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers