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Offseason | 2022

Jerry on Flores Lawsuit vs. NFL: "We Can Do Better"


For nearly 45 minutes on Wednesday, Jerry Jones held court down at the Senior Bowl, talking to reporters about a variety of topics.

As the owner of the team, he talked about his disappointment in losing so early in the playoffs. As the GM, Jones discussed the coaching staff and its future, how to help Dak Prescott more and gave some insight on upcoming free agents.

But Jones has always worn many hats, including being one of the patriarchs of the NFL. So when the league has an issue as it does now with the current Brian Flores lawsuit, Jones didn't dodge the question when asked.

Speaking in a manner of "we," Jones said the NFL can certainly improve its practices regarding the hiring of minority coaches.

"By the very complaint, it addresses that we're trying and everybody's trying to come up with ways to do better that basically can work," Jones said. "I don't have anything as far as input relative to (Flores') situation and their situation that have been talked to about. I don't have any input there. What I do know is I can see it's an area, one of many, that we can do better."

Jones, one of the elder statesmen in terms of NFL owners, is part of many discussions regarding new policies, including the "Rooney Rule," which is designed to give minority coaches more of an opportunity for head coaching positions.

But even with that, Jones said the process can improve.

"I think the fact that it's an issue shows not only the league's willingness to address and do better. I think the fact that it's being discussed as to how the Rooney Rule or what drives the Rooney Rule could be better," Jones said. "In the case of Coach Flores' complaint, he's saying it could be better and the processes create positive result for the league.We just have to keep your head down and keep trying to do. By the very complaint, it addresses that we're trying and everybody's trying to come up with ways to do better that basically can work."

Flores, who is African-American, was recently fired by the Dolphins after three seasons. He was in the process of interviewing for head coaching jobs in the last two weeks, including with the Broncos and Giants. Flores has filed a lawsuit against three teams – Miami, Denver and NY Giants – with allegations that he was never a serious candidate for the positions. In fact, Flores cited a text message from Patriots head coach Bill Belichick, who mistakenly texted the wrong person. Flores says Belichick told him the Giants were ready to hire Brian Daboll, before either of them even interviewed for the position.

Jones didn't get into detail on the practices of hiring coaches.

"I've never been in any interviews other than the ones I've conducted. So those are the only ones I can speak to," Jones said. "The other conversations you have as owners or, in my case, as the general manager whose ultimately responsibility is to hire and fire the coaches. I wouldn't want to comment on anyone else's (experience). I do know it's obviously challenged. And at the end of the day, there's only going to be 1 out of 32, every so often, that ultimately does what you want them to do and that's to win a Super Bowl. So as to what's successful, we all have that in mind. All of those other issues are all the boxes that come up. I don't have anything to say about how any other team goes about its interview or goes about its process."

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