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Jones: Dak Is "Extremely Gifted As A Leader"


FRISCO, Texas – Dak Prescott has been a captain and a Pro Bowler in his first four years as the Cowboys' starting quarterback, but his leadership qualities have always resonated beyond the football field.

Another example came earlier this week, when Prescott promoted the importance of mental wellness and opened up about seeking support for anxiety and depression this offseason amid the loss of his brother Jace and the global COVID-19 pandemic.

To Cowboys owner/general manager Jerry Jones, Prescott's comments were yet another form of outstanding leadership he has shown on and off the field.

"Dak's willingness to be transparent and share his difficult times and share it with such stature, with class, you're just always going back to that word 'leadership,'" Jones said Friday on 105.3 The Fan. "He has a way of communicating. When you look at what has happened in his young life, what he did at Mississippi State, what he did for Mississippi State, it says it all. There's a statue there at Mississippi State. When do you see that in this day and time for a former player?

"The way he's endured frankly the way he grew up and just the way that he shared that with all of us – the death of his mother, which for his age, is so really hard to understand, but the way he handles it has such sensitivity. His ability as a fourth-round draft choice at that draft and then turn out there and win 13 games as a rookie. And then this past year losing a brother.

"My point is, he has a way of sharing his experiences that just attract people to him, and it's not just his teammates. He's extremely gifted as a leader, and a part of it is a part of what we're talking about here today. It's the fact that he shares his vulnerability."

Prescott has worked to help others in many areas away from football, including breast cancer awareness through his personal foundation and most recently a $1 million pledge to help improve police training and social justice initiatives following George Floyd's death in late May.

New Cowboys head coach Mike McCarthy has worked with Prescott a short time but said the fifth-year starter "has impressed me at every turn."

"I just think he's a remarkable young man," McCarthy said. "I know upon my arrival you hear so many great things about him and I can't say enough about him just in my personal interaction since we've started to work together.

"I think his strength and his ability to be transparent on his personal challenges that he's fighting through, obviously something that takes time, I think it shows tremendous strength. I admire him for it."

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