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Power Rankings: Another Top 5 opponent awaits


Everyone loves rankings, even if they don't always matter to the grand scheme of the NFL, which uses a formulated playoff system for the postseason.

Still, it's always fun to see how the teams stack up. Each week, we'll scan a variety of Power Rankings from some of the biggest media outlets to see how the Cowboys stack up against the rest of the league.

Let's find out where the rankings as they head into their matchup with the Lions, who are mostly ranked in the Top 5.

USA Today: 1.) Baltimore 2.) San Francisco 3.) Philadelphia 4.) Buffalo 5.) Detroit 6.) Kansas City 7.) Miami 8.) LA Rams 9.) Cleveland 10.) Dallas - Sunday was yet another reminder that this team just can't run the ball effectively when it needs to – and that's especially true on the road, where Dallas so infamously struggles. Hard to have much faith this is the year "America's Team" gets back to the NFC title game. – Nate Davis 1.) Baltimore 2.) San Francisco 3.) Philadelphia 4.) Miami 5.) Detroit 6.) Dallas Cowboys - They already clinched a playoff spot somewhat anticlimactically, but a division title might not be in the cards after Sunday's loss in Miami. If that's the case, the Cowboys will have to find a way to pull off three straight postseason road wins to finally make that elusive return to the Super Bowl. They're good enough to get there at their best, and the 'Boys did rip off five straight wins in impressive fashion not that long ago. But converting third downs consistently has proven to be problematic in most of Dallas' five road losses, and the offense went just 1-for-3 in the red zone at Miami, with the opening-drive first-and-goal fumble giving the Dolphins a huge early momentum swing. The offense did atone late with the epic, 17-play, go-ahead TD drive, but the defense couldn't finish it off after playing well most of the second half. – Eric Edholm

CBS Sports: 1.) Baltimore 2.) Miami 3.) San Francisco 4.) Detroit 5. Philadelphia 6.) Buffalo 7.) Cleveland 8.) Kansas City 9.) Dallas Cowboys - "They have lost two straight to basically end their hopes of winning the division. So now it's time to get ready for the playoffs." – Pete Prisco

Fox Sports 1.) Baltimore 2.) San Francisco 3.) Miami 4.) Buffalo 5.) Cleveland 6.) Dallas Cowboys - "Losing at the final buzzer in Miami is an improvement from the disaster in Buffalo. I'm still not going to drop Dallas below a Philly team they beat soundly just a couple of weeks ago, but it's looking very likely they're going to be on the road in the playoffs. They've got to figure out how to win away from home." – David Helman

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