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Power Rankings: Cowboys still in Top 10 after loss?


Everyone loves rankings, even if they don't always matter to the grand scheme of the NFL, which uses a formulated playoff system for the postseason.

Still, it's always fun to see how the teams stack up. Each week, we'll scan a variety of Power Rankings from some of the biggest media outlets to see how the Cowboys stack up against the rest of the league.

Let's find out where the rankings have the Cowboys heading into Monday's game with the Chargers after the big loss to the 49ers.

ESPN: 1.) San Francisco 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Kansas City 4.) Miami 5.) Detroit 6.) Buffalo 7.) Dallas Cowboys - "With the way things went in training camp, Brandin Cooks looked like he was going to be a huge factor in the passing game. So far, it hasn't happened. He has nine catches for 73 yards in four games and missed one game with a knee injury. The Cowboys have not gotten the deep passing game going yet, either, because of blowout wins when they scaled back the attack, questions about pass protection or just sheer ineffectiveness. His 8.1 yards per catch would be a career low since averaging 10.4 yards per catch as a rookie in 2014 – Todd Archer ESPN: 1.) San Francisco 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Kansas City 4.) Miami 5.) Detroit 6.) Buffalo 7.) Jacksonville 8.) Dallas Cowboys - A rough loss to the Cardinals in Week 3 was followed by a laugher win against the Patriots in Week 4, then a full-on tail-whipping from the 49ers. What do we make of this team after the past three weeks? Dak Prescott had an awful night on Sunday, as did Tony Pollard, who disappeared after his first-quarter fumble. Even the fallback defense was tarred and feathered, to the point where it's fair to challenge that unit's lofty reputation. The 49ers stood up to Dallas' toughness and pushed back -- several times into the end zone. The Cowboys face old friend Kellen Moore and the Chargers in prime time this coming Monday, and you can bet that Moore took close notes on what Kyle Shanahan achieved Sunday. Will Dallas bounce back? Or limp into the Week 7 bye at 3-3? ." – Eric Edholm

CBS Sports: 1.) San Francisco 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Kansas City 4.) Miami 5.) Detroit 6.) Tampa Bay 7.) Cowboys - "So much for the idea they could make a statement against the 49ers. That was a dud all the way around. The offense and Dak Prescott has to be better.." – Pete Prisco

USAToday: 1.) San Francisco 2.) Philadelphia 3.) Detroit 4.) Kansas City 5.) Buffalo 6.) Miami 7.) Jacksonville 8.) Dallas - "Good thing they're not part of the NFC West … even if it would make more sense geographically. In its two defeats (to Arizona and San Francisco), Dallas has lost by a collective 70-26. Worse, the Niners seemed to expose how limited the Mike McCarthy offense might actually be.." – Nate Davis

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