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Role Call: Overshown Will Be 'Everywhere' in 2023


(Editor's Note: With the offseason program in the rearview mirror, it's time to look ahead. As part of the preparation for training camp, this series will introduce 25 key players who are new to the Cowboys' roster, rookies and veterans alike. Today, we'll continue with rookie linebacker DeMarvion Overshown.

How He Got Here:Technically speaking, Overshown has been "here" all of his life. He was raised in Arp, Texas, just two hours east of Dallas, where he also went to high school before committing to the University of Texas. Getting the nod as the Cowboys third-round pick in 2022 was literally the manifestation of a dream come true for the former First-Team All-Big 12 linebacker whose versatility led the Longhorns defense.

What's Next: A lot of work for Overshown, and at multiple positions. Though listed as a linebacker, his coverage ability is far above what you'd normally find in a traditional LB (because he's a former safety) and, as such, could lend him garnering opportunities in the secondary as well. I expect it to be quite the rousing game of "Where's Waldo?' in training camp when trying to locate Overshown on any given snap.

Bet You Didn't Know: He has a great singing voice. No, seriously, the guy can flat-out croon (yes, I said "croon"). He revealed his talent at the 2022 Cowboys Rookie Premiere when he stood up and sang a crowd favorite — "Your Man" by Josh Turner — to cheers and a round of applause. Go ahead and add vocalist to his position flex as well.

Quotable: "Any and everywhere. … [There's] a plan for me: just moving me around. It's kinda like what I was doing in college. [It's] what you see right now with the Dallas defense — moving a lot of players around. … I know Coach Quinn has a plan for me. I'm just excited to work, whatever they need me to do, I'm gonna do it." - DeMarvion Overshown

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