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Videos - October 2019

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2019-10-01 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 4 at NO | 2019
2019-10-01 Cover 4: Lessons Learned from Week 4
2019-10-01 Film Room: Strong Defensive Effort in New Orleans
2019-10-01 Talkin' Cowboys: Adjustments On Offense?
2019-10-01 Hangin' with the Boys: Fan Pulse After #DALvsNO
2019-10-01 Player's Lounge: Recapping a Wild Week 4
2019-10-02 Talkin' Cowboys: Concerns Up Front?
2019-10-02 Cowboys Break: GB’s Weapons?
2019-10-02 Cowboys Insider: Football & Family
2019-10-02 Análisis de Juego: Aaron Rodgers y Kenny Clark
2019-10-02 Zack Martin: It’s Behind Us
2019-10-02 Ezekiel Elliott: I Can't Leave It Up To The Refs
2019-10-02 Travis Frederick: This Is A Copycat League
2019-10-02 Cameron Fleming: Staying Ready
2019-10-02 Jaylon Smith: Focused On Our Standards
2019-10-02 Michael Gallup: Good To Get Back Out There
2019-10-02 Randall Cobb: Dez Caught It
2019-10-02 Amari Cooper: Healthy Enough To Go Out There
2019-10-02 Playmake-Her: The Focus on Crucial Catch
2019-10-03 Happy Hour: Jay Novacek
2019-10-03 Cover 4: Pack This Knowledge
2019-10-03 Jason Garrett: Updating Offensive Line Injuries
2019-10-03 Talkin' Cowboys: 5 Big Questions vs. Pack
2019-10-03 Cowboys Break: O-Line Health
2019-10-03 Dak Prescott: Wipe The Slate Clean
2019-10-03 Kellen Moore: Don’t Let One Game Cost You
2019-10-03 Jason Witten: I Think We Have The Right Makeup
2019-10-03 Kris Richard: Rush And Cover
2019-10-04 Cover 4: How They Beat The Packers
2019-10-04 Jason Garrett: Final Thoughts Before Green Bay
2019-10-04 Talkin' Cowboys: Final Predictions vs. Packers
2019-10-04 Special Editions: Rebounding Against Packers?
2019-10-04 Jason Garrett Show: Quinn & Cobb
2019-10-04 Somos Cowboys TV: En vista al partido ante Green Bay
2019-10-04 Know Más: Tight Ends Compete
2019-10-06 Zeke Surprises Fan With Experience Of A Lifetime
2019-10-06 Amari Cooper Finds Space for 23-Yard Catch
2019-10-06 Dak Prescott Floats Dime to Cooper For 46-Yards
2019-10-06 Pregame Live - #GBvsDAL | 2019
2019-10-06 Dak Prescott Hits Former Packer Randall Cobb
2019-10-06 Prescott Uncorks 40-yard TD Bomb to Gallup
2019-10-06 Dak Prescott's Dime to Zeke Beats 3 Defenders
2019-10-06 Tavon Austin Pulls Out the Tricks on Reverse
2019-10-06 Garrett Penalized After Throwing Challenge Flag
2019-10-06 Ezekiel Elliot Runs Over Lowry for Physical TD
2019-10-06 Amari Cooper Unleashes INSANE Spin Move on TD
2019-10-07 Dak Prescott Tucks It and Runs for 14 Yards
2019-10-07 Every Amari Cooper Catch vs Packers | Week 5
2019-10-07 Cowboys vs Packers Highlights Week 5 | 2019
2019-10-07 First Word: Too Little, Too Late
2019-10-07 Amari Cooper: I Felt Like I Had It
2019-10-07 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 5 vs GB
2019-10-07 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 5 vs GB
2019-10-07 Jerry Jones Postgame | Week 5 vs GB
2019-10-07 Brett Maher: I Didn't Do My Part
2019-10-07 Leighton Vander Esch: Poor Performance
2019-10-07 Cowboys Game Night: Second Straight Loss
2019-10-07 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys caen ante Green Bay
2019-10-07 Talkin' Cowboys: What Happened Against GB?
2019-10-07 Hangin' with the Boys: What Went Wrong Sunday?
2019-10-07 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Packers
2019-10-07 Radio Heads: Who Deserves the Blame?
2019-10-07 Jason Garrett: Addressing Mistakes; Injury Updates
2019-10-07 Cowboys Flashback: Cowboys Fall to Packers
2019-10-07 Sounds from the Sideline: Week 5 vs GB | 2019
2019-10-08 Cowboys Hour: Chidobe Awuzie & Jourdan Lewis
2019-10-08 Cover 4: Dealing With Kicker Problems?
2019-10-08 Talkin' Cowboys: Stopping The Slide?
2019-10-08 Shaping Success: Sports Performance Team
2019-10-08 Cowboys Break: Kicking Around Options
2019-10-08 Hangin' with the Boys: Still A Good Football Team?
2019-10-08 Player's Lounge: Should We Be Worried Now?
2019-10-08 Film Room: Another Week, Another Loss
2019-10-09 Cover 4: What Does A Win Mean?
2019-10-09 Jason Garrett: Injury Updates; New York Jet Prep
2019-10-09 Talkin' Cowboys: Breaking Down The Run D
2019-10-09 Cowboys Break: Defense Regressing?
2019-10-09 Hangin' with the Boys: A Good or A Great Team?
2019-10-09 Amari Cooper:  I Think That Was On Me
2019-10-09 DeMarcus Lawrence: Basic fundamentals
2019-10-09 Antwaun Woods: I'll Be Ready Real Soon
2019-10-09 Randall Cobb: It's Tough To Overcome
2019-10-10 Análisis de Juego: Le'Veon Bell y Leonard Williams
2019-10-10 Cover 4: Revving Up The Jets 
2019-10-10 Jason Garrett: Both Tackle Rehabbing; LVE Illness
2019-10-10 Talkin' Cowboys: Is It Really That Simple?
2019-10-10 Cowboys Break: Have Enough Tackles? 
2019-10-10 Playmake-Her: The Balancing Act
2019-10-10 Hangin' with the Boys: Wingstop, Football and Fun
2019-10-10 Somos Cowboys Radio: Preparación ante los Jets
2019-10-10 Jason Witten: It’s An Accountable Group
2019-10-10 Brandon Knight: I'm Prepared to Play
2019-10-10 Zack Martin: A Huge Test For Us
2019-10-10 Dak Prescott: Confident In Where I’m At
2019-10-10 Kris Richard: The Issues Have Been Addressed
2019-10-10 Kellen Moore: Clear Your Mind
2019-10-10 #AskTheBoys: Let's Try This Again
2019-10-10 Michael Gallup Says, "Be Like Dave" | #DALvsNYJ
2019-10-11 Want to Join Dak Prescott for #Daksgiving? | 2019
2019-10-11 Cover 4: Big Bets for The Jets
2019-10-11 Jason Garrett: Final Thoughts Before NY Jets
2019-10-11 Blueprint: Jumping On The Jets
2019-10-11 Somos Cowboys TV: En marcha contra los Jets
2019-10-11 Hangin' with the Boys: More Touches For Zeke?
2019-10-11 Cowboys Rewind: Jetting Off to New York
2019-10-11 Michael Gallup: Ready To Go Again
2019-10-11 Special Edition: Heading North To Face Big Green
2019-10-13 Pregame Live - #DALvsNYJ | 2019
2019-10-13 Ezekiel Elliott Shows Balance After Bobbling Catch
2019-10-13 Brett Maher DRILLS 62-YARD FG Before Half
2019-10-13 Jourdan Lewis Gets Key Red-Zone Interception
2019-10-13 Ezekiel Elliott Runs Over Marcus Maye for TD
2019-10-13 Prescott Ties Staubach's Record for Rushing TDs
2019-10-14 Cowboys at Jets Highlights Week 6 | 2019
2019-10-14 First Word: Cowboys Lose Their Third Straight
2019-10-14 Jason Witten: We've Had Three Rough Ones
2019-10-14 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 6 at NYJ
2019-10-14 DeMarcus Lawrence: Three Unacceptable Losses
2019-10-14 Cowboys Game Night: A Third Straight Loss
2019-10-14 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys pierden ante Jets
2019-10-14 Cover 4: Three Strikes Who’s Out? 
2019-10-14 Talkin' Cowboys: What’s Wrong?
2019-10-14 Cadena de Plata Radio: Intercepción de Jourdan Lewis
2019-10-14 Jason Garrett: We Haven't Executed
2019-10-14 Legends Show: A Conversation with Jerry & Phil
2019-10-15 Michael Gallup: We Not Executing Plays
2019-10-15  Cowboys Flashback: Third Straight Loss
2019-10-15 Cover 4: Quick Fixes for The Team?
2019-10-15 Film Room: Breaking Down the Kicking Operation
2019-10-15 Talkin' Cowboys: Needing A Complete Game
2019-10-15 Cowboys Break: Time For LB Change?
2019-10-16 Cover 4: Looking at The Current NFC East
2019-10-16 Jason Garrett: Tyrone Crawford to IR, DT Signed
2019-10-16 Talkin' Cowboys: Injury Adjustments?
2019-10-16 Cowboys Break: Who’s to Blame?
2019-10-16 Hangin' with the Boys: Still Time to Figure It Out?
2019-10-16 Zack Martin: Confident in Backups
2019-10-16 Ezekiel Elliott: It’s Going To Be A Dogfight
2019-10-16 Blake Jarwin: Turning the Page
2019-10-16 Antwaun Woods: Gonna Miss His Presence
2019-10-16 Jourdan Lewis: Championship Preparation
2019-10-16 Christian Covington: Challenge Accepted
2019-10-17 Playmake-Her – All About The Community
2019-10-17 Jason Garrett: Emphasizing Finishing
2019-10-17 Talkin’ Cowboys: Who Has To Step Up?
2019-10-17 Hangin' with the Boys: Is This A MUST WIN Game?
2019-10-17 #AskTheBoys: Lightning Round
2019-10-17 Dak Prescott: All Fixable Things
2019-10-17 Jason Witten: He Plays The Game The Right Way
2019-10-17 Amari Cooper: Feeling Better Every Day
2019-10-17 Travis Frederick: They're Game Changers
2019-10-17 Somos Cowboys Radio: Encuentro contra los Eagles
2019-10-17 Special Edition: NFC East Clash Against Philly
2019-10-17 Drew Pearson Says, "Be Like Dave" | #PHIvsDAL
2019-10-18 Cover 4: How Cowboys Top The Eagles
2019-10-18 Jason Garrett: Division Games Are Important
2019-10-18 Cowboys Break: Final Picks
2019-10-18 DeMarcus Lawrence: Addressing Eagles’ Comments
2019-10-18 Blueprint: Division Up For Grabs
2019-10-21 Pregame Live - #PHIvsDAL | 2019
2019-10-21 Cowboys Force Early Forced Fumble on Goedert
2019-10-21 Triple Option Ends in 20-yard Tavon Austin TD Run
2019-10-21 Ezekiel Elliott Extends Ball for 1-Yard TD Run
2019-10-21 Lawrence Backs Up Trash Talk with Epic Strip-Sack
2019-10-21 Ezekiel Elliott takes 4th-Down Dump Off 9 Yards
2019-10-21 Dak finds WIDE OPEN Blake Jarwin for 1-yard TD
2019-10-21 Tony Pollard's Nasty Cutbacks Earn First Down
2019-10-21 Jourdan Lewis FLIES Off Edge to Sack Wentz
2019-10-21 Dak Drops 49-yard Dime Into Bucket for Cooper
2019-10-21 Brett Maher Boots Personal Best 63-Yard FG
2019-10-21 Amari Cooper Hauls in Spectacular Sideline Grab
2019-10-21 Xavier Woods Brings Drive to an Halt with INT
2019-10-21 Snap Bounces off Carson Wentz's Chest for TO
2019-10-21 Cowboys vs Eagles Highlights Week 7 | 2019
2019-10-21 Jason Garrett Postgame | Week 7 vs PHI
2019-10-21 Ezekiel Elliott: This Team Definitely Needed This
2019-10-21 Dak Prescott Postgame | Week 7 vs PHI
2019-10-21 Amari Cooper: I Felt Like I Could Do My Job
2019-10-21 Locker Room Reaction: Complementary Football
2019-10-21 DeMarcus Lawrence: Establish Team Defense
2019-10-21 Cowboys Game Night: 1st Place Headed into the Bye
2019-10-21 Primer Vistazo: Cowboys arrollan a los Eagles, 37-10
2019-10-21 Dak Prescott 21st Rushing TD, Passing Staubach
2019-10-21 Dak Prescott's Best Throws vs Eagles | Week 7
2019-10-21 Talkin' Cowboys: A Complete Victory
2019-10-21 Cover 4: Are the Cowboys Back?
2019-10-21 Jason Garrett Locker Room Speech | #PHIvsDAL
2019-10-21 Cowboys Break: Give Credit To Everyone
2019-10-21 Hangin' with the Boys: Is Everything Better?
2019-10-21 Radio Heads: What Changed For The Cowboys?
2019-10-21 Jason Garrett: Making Sure We Stay Aggressive
2019-10-22 Cowboys Hour: Robert Quinn
2019-10-22 Cowboys Flashback: Fly the W
2019-10-22 Cover 4: What Can Be Built On From Eagles Win? 
2019-10-22 Cadena de Plata Radio: Las mejores jugadas ante los Eagles
2019-10-22 Cowboys Break: Has Dak Met Expectations?
2019-10-23 Cowboys Break: Expected More?
2019-10-23 Somos Cowboys Radio: Semana exitosa 
2019-10-23 Kellen Moore: Finding Balance
2019-10-23 Kris Richard: ‘We’re Never Going To Be Satisfied’
2019-10-23 Travis Frederick: Leaning On Experience
2019-10-23 Antwaun Woods: ‘Complete Defensive Performance’
2019-10-23 Kerry Hyder: We Enjoy The Time Off
2019-10-23 Trysten Hill: This Is My First Bye Week
2019-10-23 Sanjay Lal: He Can Do It 
2019-10-24 Hangin' with the Boys: Long Hall
2019-10-24 Star Survivors | 2019
2019-10-24 Jason Garrett: Self Scouting
2019-10-24 Jon Kitna: Dak’s ‘Great Mindset’
2019-10-24 Byron Jones: Building On Eagles Game
2019-10-24 Hangin' with the Talkin' Cowboys: First Half Grades
2019-10-24 Somos Cowboys TV: Evaluando la primera mitad de la temporada
2019-10-24 Know Más: Christian Covington vs. Trysten Hill
2019-10-24 #AskTheBoys: Midseason Mysteries
2019-10-24 Análisis de Juego: Jugadas explosivas ante Eagles
2019-10-25 Takeaway Thursday: Xavier Woods | PHIvsDAL
2019-10-25 Cowboys Players Debate How To Say “Pecan”
2019-10-25 Special Edition: Bye Week Evaluations
2019-10-25 Cowboys Rewind: The Bye Week
2019-10-29 Cover 4: Bennett & The Boys
2019-10-29 Jason Garrett: He Can Help Our Football Team
2019-10-29 Talkin' Cowboys: Missing Link On Defense?
2019-10-29 DeMarcus Lawrence: We're Happy To Have Him
2019-10-29 Robert Quinn: It’s Time To Win
2019-10-29 Hangin' with the Boys: Trading Game
2019-10-29 Player's Lounge: Trades and Safety Talk
2019-10-30 Cover 4: No Traders Here
2019-10-30 Jones Family Donates $1 Million to Dallas ISD | 2019
2019-10-30 Cowboys Insider: Trick or Trade
2019-10-30 Cowboys Recognize Breast Cancer Survivors
2019-10-30 Cowboys Break: Trading Places?
2019-10-30 Playmake-Her: Drawn To Sports
2019-10-31 Cowboys Serve Meals To Local Schools | 2019
2019-10-31 Cover 4: Scariest Part of the Cowboys?
2019-10-31 Talkin' Cowboys: Who Needs To Play More?
2019-10-31 #AskTheBoys: Can We Play A Game Already
2019-10-31 Somos Cowboys Radio: Segundo encuentro ante los Giants
2019-10-31 Ezekiel Elliott: Rested & Refreshed
2019-10-31 Zack Martin: I’m Glad He’s On Our Team Now
2019-10-31 DeMarcus Lawerence Celebrates Día de Muertos