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Big Facts: Dak Perfect in OT; History Of 5-1 Records


This week is one of the toughest weeks for Cowboys fans. A week without a Cowboys game, a break from football, a pause in the excitement of a 5-1 start, are all extra challenges for fans everywhere.

But fear not, because with the physicality of a five-game winning streak that included two divisional wins and a road victory in New England, the rest is much needed for everyone surrounding the organization.

Additionally, it gives the perfect opportunity for fans to take a deep breath and reset before the marathon of a push that is the NFL regular season.

To aid with your weekend void, here are 10 total 'big facts' to note ahead of the empty weekend in the Cowboys schedule.

It might be the bye week, but we've still got some numbers to share, such as Dak's incredible stats all-time in overtime, along with more ways to say how awesome Trevon Diggs has been.


Dallas Cowboys Staff Writers

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