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Cowboys Catch-Up: Trending Headlines of the Week


Regardless of the situation, a game week is always filled with news and storylines from both sides of the ball.

This week is different, considering it's the first one heading into a game that many people didn't think would be played, at least on this date.

But here we are, as the Cowboys are getting ready to travel to Los Angeles for the first game.

Each week, Cowboys Catch-Up will get you fully prepared, reviewing some of the top stories and videos of the week. Head into Sunday's game by catching up on everything you need to know from this week, courtesy of the staff.


  • In honor of the Dallas Cowboys' 60th full season, we ranked the 60 best players in the history of the franchise.
    "A 14-person panel was selected to vote on their Top 60. Every member of the list has already been inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame. Who is No. 1 of all-time? Could it be Roger Staubach? What about Emmitt Smith or Mr. Cowboy Bob Lilly?" Check out the entire list here.


  • The reinstatement process of Randy Gregory has officially begun, and the Cowboys are excited about how he can help the team.
    "We'll see when he gets in, but it would be my hope that he would add to the pass rush on the edge in some cases, maybe even strengthen our base defense as a linebacker potentially," defensive coordinator Mike Nolan said. Read more about what we know about Gregory’s eventual return to the football field.
  • Mike McCarthy has already established that he does things differently from Jason Garrett, and one example is the process of naming team captains.
    "We will have weekly captains," he said. "There will be three captains that will serve each week. That will be part of our team meeting on Saturday. That's where we'll let the team know who they are." Check out a breakdown of McCarthy’s plan with captains.



  • Ezekiel Elliott explained that he's feeling more "in-tune" coming into the season opener than he did in Week 1. What exactly that means is hard to say, but it's probably not great for the Rams' defense. Watch Elliott’s full comments.



  • Earlier in the week, the Cowboys extended the contract to Zack Martin to save some salary cap space. On Friday, the team did the same with DeMarcus Lawrence, even adding a voidable year to the end of his deal. The move saves the club about $12 million in cap space. But here’s the real reason the Cowboys are trying to free up cap room.
  • The topic of Dak Prescott and his mental health was a topic of discussion on all podcasts this week. But on Cowboys Break, co-host Ambar Garcia shared her personal story about anxiety and the importance of spreading awareness to an issue that affects so many. The show gets back to the game, where the entire crew predicted Sunday's outcome. Check out the full show featuring Derek, Nick, Dave and Ambar.
  • Former NFL scout Bucky Brooks, who also played five years in the league, has become a featured football analyst for the Cowboys' website. This week, Bucky introduces a new weekly feature “Behind the Line, where he focuses on the key players, strategies and matchups for the Rams, and what to expect Sunday in Los Angeles.

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