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Ordering Food At AT&T Stadium Just Got Easier


ARLINGTON, Texas – The fan experience at AT&T Stadium just got a little better. The Cowboys rolled out changes that should make attending games at AT&T Stadium more enjoyable for the 2022 season and beyond.

The improvements include personalized QR codes on every seat in the stadium. Fans can use them to have food and drinks delivered to them without having to wait in line.

"It's great because we want them to be able to not miss a beat of the action but also to have the convenience of doing everything from your phone and your seat," said Charlotte Jones, the Cowboys' executive vice president and chief brand officer.

Cowboys officials state that thousands of fans placed food and drink orders at Sunday night's season opener against the Bucs, with an average deliver time between 15-17 minutes.

The Cowboys still have eight more home games on the schedule since this is the first season with nine regular-season games since the NFL adopted the 17 game schedule.

Dallas will play the Bengals at 3:25 p.m. on Sunday and then Washington on Oct. 2.

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